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    S6 4B brakes on A6 4B C5

    i upgraded the font brakes last year on my 2.5 TDI last year to the 2.7 T brakes (320 mm), but after the power upgrade to (?280 bhp from Chris) the braking capacity is now questionable. I found a set of S6 4B (2 piston) on eBay and am wondering if anyone else has gone down this track. I can...
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    Anyone installed a EGT sensor on a 2.5 TDI

    Hi all, thinking of installing a EGt sensor - anyone performed this? Recommendations ? Regards from Heidelberg
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    Correct part number for AFB injectors

    Hi All, Just collecting the parts i need for the summer 280 bhp upgrade on my 2002 2.5 TDi AKE. First I need to check the part number for the AFB injectors i just found on Ebay. 5 x 059130201E 1x 059130202E this sound right ? Autobahn here I come. regards from Heidelberg Andrew
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    RS 9 spoke wheels

    hi all, I would like to fit a set of RS 18 inch 9 spoke wheels on my C5. From the what I have read the ET needs to be 35 - 45. The RS 18 inch wheels I have seen however are all ET 30. What are my options for getting some of these 9 spokes on my car. (2002 4B C5 2.5 tdi quattro). As I live in...
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    replace exhaust hints

    just about to replace the turbo to muffler section of exhaust with emptied particle fliters. Any words of wisdom before i jack up the car and start to take things off, or is this a no brainer?? Regards from Germany Andrew Car is 2.5 tdi AKE 2002
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    When did you replace your wheel bearings?

    evening all, just hit 270'000 km in my 2002 A6 2.5 tdi, and get the feeling the wheel bearings might be next to go. Anyone who has replacd the bearings, could you tell me at what Km you Replaced them? Regards from Germany.
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    ARB recommendation for AKE

    Evening all, just finished the Eibach B12 update and now looking at stopping the roll. From a brief view through the forums, it seems RS6 back and Eibach front is the way to go. Noted that H&R have a full kit for the A6 4b C5, but saw no reviews anywhere. dont do an track work, but do enjoy a...
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    seat question for 2002 2.5 quattro

    just thinking of upgrading the seats on my AKE. found some RS6 seat from 2002 on Ebay but am not sure if they are plug and play. and comments on compatibility?? cheers from Germany
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    AKE intermittent rough engine

    evening all, i have a 2002 a6 4b 2.5 AKE with 240,000 kms, in the last 4 months Edward (old iron) started running rough and had a real rough idle. started with injector cleaner / diesel additive, which helped - for a week, then it returned. another few treatments had the same outcome. then tried...