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  1. Mindak

    For Sale Wheel spacers

    Pair of 5mm 5x112/5x100 57.1cb wheel spacers. £25 posted Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Mindak

    Buying 3.0 tdi Quattro advice

    Hi guys after a couple of years away from the Audi scene I’m thinking of a return! This is my old A3 But always fancied a caddy so what I’m currently in Iv now got a kid on the way So will need something more family friendly. I know someone who may be selling a nice 2007 A4 Avant 3.0 tdi...
  3. Mindak

    Photobucket links not working!!

    Hi guys anyone else having issues uploading images to the forum! On 2 occasions now it just posts a link that doesn't work! Anyone know why? Thanks
  4. Mindak

    Anybody with a phantom black sportback?

    I'm debating changing my car soon as fancy something different but will be wanting to remove as much as I can prior to sale so I don't lose out on too much money! But as Iv sold my original parts I could do parts plus cash for my s3 rear bumper and rs3 grilled front bumper! Other pats will be...
  5. Mindak

    2.0 Tdi Milltek or Custom exhaust

    Hi all, I fancy getting a shiney new exhaust but am torn between a milltek catback or getting a decent local exhaust company to mock up a custom one... Anyone got any good or bad feedback? Cheers
  6. Mindak

    Wheel photoshop request!

    Can any photoshop wizards do a colour change on my fat five's please, unsure what colour do get them refurbed in for winter... Torn between a nice silver, candy red or candy pink! Cheers
  7. Mindak

    Rs3 grill fitting.... Painting Crash bar!

    Hi guys getting prepared to fit an rs3 style grill to the front of my A3! Unsure what paint to buy for the front crash bar as don't want it chipping off a month down the line! Shall I use hammerite... Spray on.. Brush on... Or even stone chip paint? Any suggestions appreciated! Thanks
  8. Mindak

    Replacement cylinder head 2.0 Tdi Bkd

    Hi guys, seems like I may have a duff head on my car, Iv tried everything but that and head gasket to resolve my coolant loss problem so preparing for the worst! Any recommendations where to buy one and how much will the job likely to cost? Cheers
  9. Mindak

    Who's painted their garage?

    Hi guys just bought my first house and want to get the garage nice inside, looking to paint the walls white and maybe paint the floor! Who else has done this and got any tips? Cheers
  10. Mindak

    2.0 TDI Bkd egr cooler delete

    Hi guys, currently suffering from coolant loss and want to eliminate the egr cooler! Iv heard about a connector I need 3B0 122 291 B so ordered one from Audi for collection tomorrow! How do I go about actually carrying this out? Egr is already deleted but still have cooler in place! Thanks
  11. Mindak

    2.0 TDi Mystery Coolant Loss

    I know its been covered lots of times before but im running out of things to try before I give up on this! Just want to evaluate my attempts and findings so far... I have been suffering with coolant loss since August last year (7 months ish), with no visible traces in the bay, passed head...
  12. Mindak

    A3 8p seatbelt warning!

    Hi guys hopefully getting my car plugged in tomorrow and thought while I'm at it I wouldn't mind turning off the seatbelt warning! Could someone give me an idiots guide to disable it please? Thanks
  13. Mindak

    Which anti-freeze?

    hi guys got a slight ongoing issue with coolant loss so need to top it up weekly! Is there any compatible coolant other than g12 as its pretty expensive when it's disappearing! Could I just get pink from anywhere? Thanks
  14. Mindak

    DA Newbie

    Hi all just after a few pointers on using a DA polisher Just taken delivery of a DAS6 Pro which came highly recommended but I'm now on the hunt for which pads and compound I should be using to try sort some swirls and scratches on my A3... Any suggestions? Thanks.
  15. Mindak

    2.0 TDI coolant loss (2007)

    For the last 3 weeks or so I have noticed a gradual loss in coolant first brought to light by the warning light appearing on the dash one morning! I have been monitoring it since and would say I'm losing around a quarter or a litre a week, it's not used any before now so know something is up...
  16. Mindak

    Anyone got AP coilovers OFF their car?

    hi guys just wanted to see if anyone has a set of APs they have removed or are yet to fit as I'm trying to get measurements of the front springs! But if a nightmare removing my front set I up just got 2 seconds and I can't seem to get in contact with AP for any help! Thanks
  17. Mindak

    Rear brake upgrade!

    Hi guys I'm almost ready to upgrade my front brakes to mk5 R32 345mm but these will make my rears look tiny! What's the common upgrade and what would I need? Thanks
  18. Mindak

    A3 sunshade

    Hi guys is there a genuine Audi winscreen shade for the a3 8p, want to keep the sun off my leather! Also is a front number plate delete a dealer supplied part? Thanks
  19. Mindak

    2.0 TDI turbo siren... How long have I got!

    Hi guys last few days Iv noticed I may have the dreaded turbo siren noise! Only noticed it due to having music off when leaving my mates workshop! I'm bricking it driving around now waiting for it to pop! Is it on its way out, how long will it last and what's the common Hybrid replacement I...
  20. Mindak

    2.0 TDI back box delete.... How loud?

    hi guys recently fitted an s3 rear valance to my sport back now the tips arnt that visible so looking and getting them modified again, BUT should I just get the back box removed while I'm at it? Does it sound loud, and do you get the annoying droning sound inside the car? Thanks