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  1. chris1988brown

    Turning with low front

    Now guys Anyone know of any solutions on been able to run really low on the front of the a3 8p and still be able to turn ? I don't want to go starched tyre route im looking into camber adjustable top mounts ATM , but any other suggestions ? Cheers chris
  2. chris1988brown

    ABT spoiler

    hi guys ive used the search but cant get what im looking for , anyone got any pictures of a ABT spoiler fit to a 3door 8p a3 cheers chris
  3. chris1988brown

    exhaust pressure sensor G450

    hi guys my girlfriends golf gt tdi 170 has the dpf light on and ive done forced regen which clears all the lights and runs fine for too days then comes back on , the partticular filter get to 80-110% full depending how long it goes with the light on before i do a forced regen, i pluged in again...
  4. chris1988brown

    No Long Coding Helper Option

    I've recently bought my friends Vagcom cable. Having installed the software I am unable to get to some options that I want to (Gauge Sweep, Coming home lights, etc etc) The problem I am having is that all the guides tell me to go to 17-Instruments -> 07-Coding -> Long Coding Helper. The problem...
  5. chris1988brown


    Hi guys do you know If vcds will work on the new model macbooks ?
  6. chris1988brown

    For sale miltek back box

    Hi guys I have for sale a miltek back box non resonated , very good condition £250 posted , reason for sale is I'm making a custom exit exhaust , coming off a 2007 a3 8p 2.0 tdi , will get pics on ASAP Cheers chris
  7. chris1988brown

    wheel swap

    Hi guys I'm wanting a set of 19" wheels does anyone have a set they would swap for my 18" bbs ch's in hyper silver , only two wheels marked very minor marks all tyres have gd tread and are budget performance tyres , any wheels considered Cheers Chris
  8. chris1988brown

    Particulate filter issue

    Hi guys My car went into limp today and the particulate filter light Came on. Ive plugged it in and it is coming up with : P2002 - particulate trap eff below threshold bank 1 Can any one shed some light on what this is? The car has had a dpf delete and mapped out for over 2years now and...
  9. chris1988brown

    s-line front end

    hi guys just gauging intrest atm, but thinking for a front end change, so my s-line front end would be for sale, the parts i would be selling are: s-line front bumper s-line one peice grill sprayed gloss black n/s & o/s sline fog light grills n/s & o/s s-line fog lights just wondering how...
  10. chris1988brown

    Steel wheels

    Hi guys what size steel wheels will fit Over s3 345mm brakes 8p And if you have any for sale let me know Cheers Chris
  11. chris1988brown

    ETKA 7.3 help

    Hi guys I've just got ETKA 7.3 and starting to get to grips with it, just wondering can you search by using a reg or VIN number? Also any other tips or pointers? Cheers Chris
  12. chris1988brown

    ETKA help

    Hi guys just got ETKA 7.3 and gettin to grips with it , jst wondering is there a way to just enter a reg or VIN number ? any other tips would be great. Cheers Chris
  13. chris1988brown

    ap coilover help

    hi guys has anyone with a 2007 2.0 tdi with 55mm front struts recvently got ap coilovers? if so could you please do me a huge favor and get the ART number off the drivers side front, there will be a ap sticker with the info on, reson i ask is mine has poped and ap wont give me a replacement...
  14. chris1988brown

    HID kit question

    hi guys can HID's be fitted to replace the original headlights to a 8p with xeon's? reason i ask is i dont find the xeon's to be very bright on the unlit back roads, but my mates HID kit on his ibiza fr are so much better and are only 8k's. cheers chris
  15. chris1988brown

    engine type

    hi guys how can you which engine is fitted to your tdi and what are the diffrences with them? chris
  16. chris1988brown

    s3 8p owners

    hi guys could someone with a s3 8p please pm me there reg or chassis number? im almost due discs and pads and with my s3 brakes obviously not been original fittment may cause a hassle to order, most likely goin for performance discs n pads but just incase my budget decreases and i get...
  17. chris1988brown


    hi guys im thinkin of getting VAGcom and wondering how in depth you can actualy go with it, also what are the main advantages of having it and what are the key features ? also what is etka ? ( think thats the right name) i understand its used for finding parts and gives you part numbers but is...
  18. chris1988brown

    Egr delete

    Hi guys has anyone got a step by step guide to blanking off the egr valve on a 2.0tdi 170 2007? Cheers Chris
  19. chris1988brown

    Powerflex bushes

    Hi mate just wondering if u stock powerflex engine mount bushes for a 2007 2.0 tdi 170 a3 fwd with dsg, if so how much is the full kit and could I collect them tomorrow ? Cheers Chris
  20. chris1988brown

    Suspension swap

    Hi any one wanna swap there standard suspension and £180 for my ap coilovers ?