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    S4 b8 bcs exhaust boxes.

    Just fitted the bcs back boxes on my car ,first impressions ,louder than I thought they would be but they should be OK on a daily.More noise on start up ,reasonably quiet on normal driving and howls under full acceleration.

    S4 b8 avant interior kit.

    Hi how much for a full led interior kit for a 2009 full spec s4 b8 avant please cheers Andy.

    Any fitted springs on a ads s4 ?

    Just wondering if anyone has lowered slightly with just springs and does the ads stilll function ,maybe a bit firmer.

    S4 Avant weight

    Does anyone know the weight of a top spec s4 avant please,or is there a sticker somewhere on the car from the factory giving the weight.I'm sure on another model it was in the boot area but i cant see it on this one.thanks Andy.

    New s4 owner

    Ive just bought a 09 s4 avant in red ,very good condition and lowish miles 56k.Very pleased so far ,its a mega spec one but stock.Ive added the supercharged badges(3.0t ones are a joke ) and swapped my blingy oil and water caps off the a4.I want to run it for a while before looking at mods,but...

    Engine update

    Just a quick update on the k04 project,the engine has been run in,another oil and filter change done and the st2 revo ko3 map has been turned back up after some datalogging with bill today,i have only been running on a low boost setting since the rebuild so wow what a difference.It pulls so...

    Rs4 chrome grille

    How much for a b7 rs4 grille with the brushed silver /chrome surround and number plate insert please.

    Engine now being rebuilt

    My car is now in Badger5 having a load of work done,engine rebuild with intergrated engineering rods,rings,belts ,chains/tensioners,new style oil pick up,thermostat,steel smfw ,st 3 drake performance clutch.The head is in a right state ,fecking tfsi's ,valves look really bad so head having a...

    034 intake pipe

    Just fitted a 034 intake pipe ,a much neater looking mod,it seems to pick up quicker and sounds different (better).😆Now need to fit the 034 catch can kit and the 034 sports cat,along with the clutchmasters single mass flywheel and the drake performance st3 clutch kit.
  10. ANDYTQ

    Fault code.

    After a spirited drive the engine check light came on,fault code is P0011 ,"A"camshaft position-Timing over advanced or system performance (bank 1 ).Seems to be misfiring slightly on tickover but drives ok.Any ideas ?Coil packs again?
  11. ANDYTQ

    New exhaust

    Just waiting for my new statis exhaust system to arrive from revo,i hope its not going to be too loud on a run.Pics will follow.😆
  12. ANDYTQ

    3SDM 0.06

    Just saw some pics of these ,they look stunning ,will a 8.5 front and 9.5 rear fit on my car with 235/40 18 tyres?,any ideas wheel guys.Also will they clear my new front brakes,i think it would be very close.
  13. ANDYTQ

    Which single mass flywheel and h/d clutch?

    I think my clutch is on the way out,so time to think about which kit to get,the car will end up with at least a ko4 hybrid,can anyone recomend one.
  14. ANDYTQ

    Maf g/s figures

    Just wondering what sort if g/s readings you 2.0t guys are getting and with what mods,just want to see what the gains are with exhausts turbos etc.My first attempt was 204 ,but i think there may be was a bit left before i had to back off,i will have another go later.
  15. ANDYTQ

    Suspension which kit

    I'm going to change shocks and springs,narrowed the choice to either bilstein /eibach kit or the h&r cup kit,i dont need coilovers as i dont want to go too low ,i want to have a slight lowering without the s line crashy ride,any body had experience with either.
  16. ANDYTQ

    engine bay covers

    I bought the set of engine bay covers,but i am trying to work out how to attach the one that fits behind the airbox and has anyone found a fitting for th e one that fits on the nearside over the powersteering and washer bottle,i have fitted the proper mount on the side but cant work out how to...
  17. ANDYTQ

    Free a3 quattro front calipers

    I've just found a pair of front calipers off my old 2000 a3 quattro,if anybody wants them i could bring them to adi,cheers Andy
  18. ANDYTQ

    Led kit for a4 b7 06

    Hi could you give me a price for number plate leds,side lights and interior kit ,i dont have footwell and puddle lights thanks Andy