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  1. Glenn A4

    My Audi A4 And the BMW 325

    Had to get the audi cleaned today as i need to get her up for sale. I left it up my dads so i just took all my stuff up there and done it on his drive.. couple of befores Just a quick write up on this all i did was foam her down with megs hyper wash. Then cleand with a mf mit, dryied...
  2. Glenn A4

    My A4 1.8T Sport For sale or Breaking

    Well decided to get a new motor with my job going well and what not so i will be getting rid of my Audi, I am open to offers for her as she stands if i cant get near the sort of figue i think i would get if i broke her up then i will be selling off the parts sepertly. Here is a little spec list...
  3. Glenn A4

    Its Been A while

    Havent posted much latley, what with moving in to a new place which has no out side tap so have to clean the car at work and i always forget to take my camera. But i did today and gave her a much needed clean. Some befores Ok so on to the clean first i aplyed safe degreser around all the...
  4. Glenn A4

    Quick answer needed

    My turbo is on the way out would this just be a straight swap if i was to get it my car audi 1.8t a4 p reg
  5. Glenn A4

    What sort of price for my car

    Not selling it just yet but summer time next year it will have to go due to the amount of milage i do. so what sort of price do you think i should go for. Just a quick spec 1996 p reg 102000 at the moment probably 120000 when it is time to sell. some pics of what it looks like it has...
  6. Glenn A4

    LPG Conversion

    Has anyone had this done to there audi i have a a4 97 and use it for work and was wondering if any knows what sort of mpg or miles to a tank they get on gas... Found a place that do it for £900 so might be worth thinking about if i can make my money back on it. I get paid 40p per mile and i...
  7. Glenn A4


    My coilovers are on the way oput the backs are leaking oil they are H&R ones on at the moment but i cant afford to get them again what do people think of these any one got them...
  8. Glenn A4

    Please help me

    This is doing my head in now. I was going to take my car in to audi today to have the rear looked at but they told me it would be £67 a hour and they will have it all day and when they find out whats wrong they will phone me to ask if i want to go ahead with it so could turn out to be £££££...
  9. Glenn A4

    what the hell is this

    took my front wheel off today and this droped on the floor but i cant see where it came from and i cant find one on the other side might it just be something i picked up.....
  10. Glenn A4

    Wheel arches finally done

    The car was pretty clean so i thought i would just do the inside and then try and get the arches cleaned up. Ended up washing the whole car in and out and including all the door shuts. First took one wheel off at a time pretty grubby arches there. Front before Used the pressure washer to...
  11. Glenn A4

    Any one fitted one of these

    Just having a quick look on the forge web site and was wondering if any one has got one of these on there A4 i have a baileys diverter valve but would like to get the blow off noise as well
  12. Glenn A4

    Painted my calipers

    Thought i would tidy up my horrible calipers so whiped the wheels off and went for it. Only black but i think it looks good. Before Fronts after Rears After the sticker was to big so had to fold it over the caliper
  13. Glenn A4

    Reiger Rear bumper

    Has any one got one of these fitted to there A4 i though it would go well with the rs4 front already on my car. Any pics would be great
  14. Glenn A4

    Ahhhhh big problem wheel nuts

    From my previous thread my locking wheel nut key being ****** i found out today its not a audi part even though it looks like the newer shape locking wheel nuts. Took my car to a garage to see if they could do any thing and they totally sheerd the key off now its ******. I need to get them off...
  15. Glenn A4

    Squeaking From front

    Another problem not as big though. When i go over bumps in the road me car makes a squeaking noise from the drivers side its ok on the passenger side when i hit bumps nothing. I cant figuer out where its coming from. I guess it must be from the suspension but what would make it make that noise
  16. Glenn A4

    Big detail on my Audi A4 (56k no way)

    This took me about two days to do the whole car inside and out i started on Thursday with the interior. Was pretty messy Before Pics Boot Was in a right state So took the hover to the car and some armor all wipes on the dash used AG interior shampoo on the roof liner and turtle wax...
  17. Glenn A4

    Locking Wheel Nut Key

    I have two kinds of locking wheel nuts on my car one is a sort of star shape and the key for this one is nackerd. I think its a OE audi part but not sure this one on e bay says its oe...
  18. Glenn A4

    Adjusting H&R coilovers

    Is it a garage job or could i do it my self i need to make the car a bit higher. its rubbing on the front arches cheers, or has any one had the front arches rolled i looked under there and the only problem i can see is the wheel liner
  19. Glenn A4

    Rs2 brakes

    Can the disks off of a rs2 be fitted to my 97 Audi A4 1.8T sport. do i need to change the calipers and carriers as well cheers
  20. Glenn A4

    My Audi Very Busy Afternoon (56k Warning)

    First things first this morning i had to go and get 4 new tyres fitted to my car they were sold bald it would of been points if i had got pulled. As you can see they were pretty bad. So replaced them with 4 of these. Falken 235/35/19 they are ****** wide i mesured them across and they were...