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  1. rams_s3

    Exhaust Valve controller wanted

    CETE controller wanted, or equivalent. thanks
  2. rams_s3

    Another sport exhaust question

    So, I’m thinking of buying a genuine Audi sport exhaust from a seller on eBay. The exhaust is listed as the back box but it looks like it’s everything from the Opf’s back. If I fit this to my 2019 car what improvements will it have to the sound? I’ve read that potentially they’re the same...
  3. rams_s3

    Retro fitting sports exhaust

    Hi, Looking at buying a sports exhaust for my rs3. Is it possible to retrofit? My car is a opf 2019 model. any advice greatly appreciated!
  4. rams_s3

    For Sale Rs3 8v sportback diffuser

    Taken off my 2019 rs3 in perfect condition barring tiny scratch to near side corner car had done 600miles before removal!. See photo. Can post but buyer to pay costs. £150
  5. rams_s3

    Another one gone

    Well another s3 has gone. My house was broken into last night and they've took the car with the keys. It's a 66plate white s3 saloon. Gutted is an understatement. Reg is YC66 NNX not that that'll be much use as no doubt it'll be on fake plates. Stolen from East Yorkshire so I'm guessing it'll be...
  6. rams_s3

    Facelift S3 rejection attempt leads to new fl s3!

    Following my failed rejection attempt I've now been given a crazy deal on a facelift s3 expected delivery October. Any sportback pictures available yet? Need to see what the 19" 'v' alloys look like before it's too late to make spec changes..
  7. rams_s3

    S3 turbo problems! Rubbing noise

    My s3 is going into Audi tomorrow finally. Reported a rubbing noise at low rpm just as turbo spools up. Anyone else had this? It's intermittent and I can't "make" it do it. Audi are already trying to tell me there's no turbo issues with the 8v which we all know is twoddle!
  8. rams_s3

    Buttertubs pass

    Taking the s3 for a ride up to North yorkshire on Saturday. I've been wanting to drive the buttertubs pass for years so thought this weekend was a good excuse to do it. Anyone else done it? Looks really good on YouTube videos. Good place for some decent photography too!
  9. rams_s3

    S3 wheels wanted any style considered but not the slides!

    as title says, to replace the mrs' bad judgements
  10. rams_s3

    Speeding Ticket??

    Just on my way home from work travelling in a 60 zone, admittedly speeding maybe doing 70-75mph. The limit changed suddenly from 60 to 40, I didn't notice until I saw a bmw traffic car parked up in a lay by on opposite side of the road. Obviously slammed the anchors on well before I passed him...
  11. rams_s3

    Audi Sport Showcase At Elvington

    An invite dropped through my letter box last week so went along. What a day! Got to test any rs cars we wanted so took the rs4, rs7, s1 and r8 v10!. Impressed by all of them really but mostly the r8 obviously, what a masterpiece. Had all the cars for an hour each on our own which as nice no...
  12. rams_s3

    Trackday voucher for sale

    Anyone want to buy a £100 msv trackday voucher, I got the voucher as a gift but it's not for any of the tracks near me. £90
  13. rams_s3

    Wing mirror glass

    Anyone know where I can get a drivers side wing mirror glass from? 2014 s3..
  14. rams_s3

    Bit off topic but...

    I own a 205 gti that is my track car the car was stripped of all interior etc about 18months ago but still got most of the bits kicking about. Noticed the radios were fetching good money, about £75-125 so I stuck mine on....
  15. rams_s3

    Red sportback s3 spotted in beverley.

    Looked very nice and spanking clean! Was it you?
  16. rams_s3

    Spotted blue s3 3dr DR14 ***

    In scarborough today, Anyone on here?
  17. rams_s3

    Insurance with tuning box on a s3

    Just thought I'd give my insurance company a ring to see how much my premium would go up by when I buy and fit my dtuk tuning box. The operator asked what the box was and who made it etc. I described the box as something to 'improve fuel economy and drive ability' not false by any means maybe...
  18. rams_s3

    S3 sub with tinted/privacy rear windows..

    Anyone got photos of a preferably black sportback with privacy glass, also what % tint does Audi use?
  19. rams_s3

    S3 manual owners...

    Can anyone with a manual s3 tell me if they have a slight delay when changing from 3rd to 4th at full chat? Mine does it it's almost like something cuts the power for a split second almost as if it's the traction control kicking in but I haven't noticed the light flashing.
  20. rams_s3

    S3 problem already?

    My cars done 1000 miles now and for a while I've noticed when dropping down gears quickly i.e 3rd to 4th at speed, there is a slight hesitation in the power delivery almost like the turbo doesn't boost straight away and there's a slight gap. Anyone else felt this? Also tonight when pulling...