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    Won't start

    My BRE 2.0 tdi had a suspected injector problem. I removed the injectors, all looked well, cleaned and replaced them, fitted a new injector loom and attempted starting the motor. All turns over well but no attempt to fire up. Vag com says there is no gateway connection, have I overlooked...
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    electric woes.

    A friend of mine with a 4.2 was doing work on his car with the battery off. He was re connecting at the under bonnet posts as and when necessary but, with his mind elsewhere he connected the wrong way round ! Result, his mmi is dead and he is out of ideas, does anyone on the forum have any? Main...
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    bv43 turbo

    Now the braking side of things are more or less done, my attention turns to the engine. Whilst I was familiar with the benefits of a BV43 turbo with the 1.9 pd 130, thanks in no small part to all the information from Desertstorm on ukpassats, I've not read anything from owners that have done...
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    It occurred to me whilst fitting my s6 brakes how awkward it was fitting the retaining spring on the caliper. I have searched various forums and you tube but haven't found any tips on making the fitting of front pads easier in situ. As it stands it will be a real ball ache mainly because of...
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    s6 brakes

    Presently I have 347mm front brakes on my 2.0tdi. Having obtained front calipers and discs from an s6 , 385mm, and 330mm rears with the intention of fitting after a refurb, are there any unforseen problems I may encounter? I originally had the 312mm discs on the front, went up to 321mm and then...
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    replacement c.c.panel

    On my recently fitted s6 seats, I did not include the heated seat facility because I had not the correct climate control panel. I now have one and intend fitting and utilising the heated element of the seats' Can anyone tell me what is required to install the new panel and have it working, I...
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    Hello, when using my nav system, it only talks when I push the voice button on the steering wheel, so there are no vocal commands prior to a manoeuvre. Is this correct?or do I need to set it somehow? Thanks, Rod.
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    Hello chaps, first post after posting in the welcome bit. I have much to do on my newly acquired a6 .2.0 BRE engined car. Looking back through many posts on here and I am much encouraged by the fact that most of the questions relate to problems I need to attend to, and brake modifications,that...
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    another newbie

    Evening all. Just to introduce myself, Rod, a long time messer and mild modifier of minis, escorts, golf/boras, passats and now, a6 c6. I have looked at many Audi forums and this one, I hope will be THE one. T he a6 presents me with problems beyond my comprehension on the electrical side, i.e...