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    Cant secure spare wheel

    Just got hold of a 18" Alloy to replace my original 16" spare but find that i cant screw it down to secure it, the bolt now isnt long enough. The original 16" is ET 42 and the new 18" is ET 35 and the bolt just wont reach the little hole at the bottom of the wheel-well. Anybody else gone onto...
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    18 x 8 with 225-40-18 tyres

    Hi guys/girls. anyone envisage any problems fitting these? 18 x 8 ET 32, 5 100 with 225-40-18 tyres. Car is currently on OEM wheels 16s ET 42, and is lowered on adjustable collies about 40mm. Any comments appreciated. EDiT: A3 as below. DC
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    Full throttle "Launch control"

    As title, any body have this mapped in from R-Tech? or any reviews any where? DC
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    Booked in at Awsome GTI for Miltek Cat Back Tomorrow.

    Booked in at Awsome GTI for Miltek Cat Back Tomorrow: going for Non Res with discrete Back Box. or should i go for Resonated and the twin tail pipes sticking out. Will the Non Res be too loud inside the car at motorway speeds? Anyone like to comment! DC
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    Rear Axle Bushes and Haynes

    I plan to replace my rear Axle Bushes, however, the Haynes Manual says that on A3s from 2001 onwards its not possible to extract worn bushes nor insert new ones, the whole axle has to be replaced. Any comments anyone!!! DC
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    Lost Locking Wheel Nut Key

    As above, cant find it anywhere. Whats the best way to get lockers off all wheels now? DC.
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    Decided to buy 18s, what offset would be ok.

    Decided to buy 18s, what offset would be ok, will be running on 225/40/18 tyres. Car is lowered about 40mm on colies. DC.
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    Febi Rear Axle Bushes

    Does anyone rate these Febi Rear Axle Bushes or do i get Powerflex? DC
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    ABS Wheel Sensor Wireing Loom, Advice needed Please.

    The wheel speed sensor wireing loom on the front left side has been rubbing on the wheel and is now frayed to bare wire causing ABS warning on dash and in VCDS. The loom comes off the sensor and goes through weel arch somewhere under or near the airbox. Is this loom easy to replace and anyone...
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    ABS Fault can anyone help

    Dash lights come on, ABS and Traction, I ran VCDS and got the following codes: 2 Faults Found: 00283 - ABS Wheel Speed Sensor; Front Left (G47) 003 - Mechanical Failure - Intermittent 00283 - ABS Wheel Speed Sensor; Front Left (G47) 012 - Electrical Fault in Circuit Does...
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    Part numbers for Vac Hoses.

    Any one got the part number for the hose that connects to the bottom of the "Y" hose that is connected to the pipe on the rocker cover. Or a diagram will do. Sorry it this is a little vague. DC.
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    Awsome GTI = AP Coilovers

    Woke at 8 am Sat morning, laft home at 8:30, arrived at Awsome 9am. Wont bore you with all the details but, ihad in mind Suspension and/or Miltek Cat Back. Decided on getting the Suspension sorted and opted for AP Coilovers. The excellent and knowledgable staff said that they could do it same...
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    Both Radiator Fans Pulsing On And Off

    Why do I get the feeling that this is going to be expensive to fix! Both Rad fans pulse on and off when the ignition is on and also while driving. Anyone have a knowledge of this problem? This only started yesterday. DC
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    Can you spot anything unususal on this car

    Been looking for an A3 1.8t and come across this. As title, you may have to look very close, or perhaps its my eye-sight letting me down! 2001 AUDI A3 1.8 T Sport DC
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    Looking down into my engine bay, on the left, there is a large diameter hose attached to the TB, the other end disapears down by the O/S head lamp, is this end attached to the intercooler? Aum 1.8 T DC
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    Just come across this, think ill get a push bike!!

    I feel like a "thicko" now :blink: DC
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    Boost Pressure A3 aum 1.8T

    vcds data logging, block 115, has shown a actual pressure of 1440 mb (requested 1430 mb) at 5040 rpm. Most of the time throughout the rev range it is showing requested 1010 actual just a little higher. This seems low but, the car really moves, its not slow. Any comments would be appreciated. DC.
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    Apex Suspension

    Hi All Can anyone recommend Apex suspension kits for A3 1.8T, anyone had experience of them?
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    Bailey v Forge DV

    About to buy one, which is regarded as the best for AUM 1.8 T or are there others I should consider? Comments appreciated.
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    A3 3.2 coolnt level

    Hi All. Had a test drive today in an A3 3.2 04 plate,79k recorded, I noticed that the coolent level was on the minimum, the service light was on, the last interim service was done at 65K. My question is would coolent evaporate and level drop between service intervals or should I suspect other...