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  1. Mike1981

    S3 Cabriolet

    Any owners here with an honest opinion on owning one. Took one on a test drive yesterday from Poole Audi and was blown away with how good it made me feel ! Never thought twice about having one before until now ha ha
  2. Mike1981

    Retrofit reversing camera

    Anyone on here had any dealings with these guys. Really want this done.
  3. Mike1981


    Can anyone explain in lamens terms how to make the passenger mirror "dip" when you select reverse??? Really annoying me now. Tried everything last night and it won't work. Tried setting it in the same simple manner as my previous VW, and followed the Audi instructions to the letter and it's...
  4. Mike1981

    Collection Day !!

    Only a couple as I was desperate to drive it. Very impressed so far.
  5. Mike1981

    Grabbed a sneak peek before collection tomorrow afternoon
  6. Mike1981

    A3 TDi insurance

    Picking my new car up next week and I'm struggling to get insurance quotes for it. As in the car isn't listed. Any one else having this problem? A3 S Line 184bhp TDi SB 2015 :3sadwalk:
  7. Mike1981

    Newbie from Dorset here

    Hello to everyone. should be picking my new a3 s line tdi up next weekend. Trading in my 2012 VW Jetta for it. Did have a mk 7 golf gtd on order, but don't think waiting 6 months for a VW was a good option so after a trip to Poole audi and many hours later they managed to find me a suitably...