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    Help Please A4 B8 Front Door Actuators

    Got an issue with my front door actuators where every time you slow down/stop then pull away the door actuators click which is getting annoying. I pulled the codes with carista and got code P02115 on both front doors. Can anyone recommend a replacement for these, am I better buying genuine...
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    Hi All Looking for a little reassurance as Im getting paranoid about my car being stolen. I own a 2011 A4 Allroad and read fairly regular about car’s vanishing. Are the issues with keyless entry cars solely or are all modern cars fairly easily taken. Whats your recommended solution’s if any...
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    Help Please Audi A4 B8 V107 Motor location

    Hi All Wondering if anyone can assist, My car has a fault code 00710 with description defrost flap motor V107. Does anyone know the location of this, had a look last night but too many motors to start guessing. Car is a 2011 A4 Allroad B8 Cheers Mark Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hi all New to the forum & Audi, just upgraded my 2002 VW Golf tdi estate to a A4 Allroad 2.0tdi & hope she’s a reliable as my old car was. Cheers Mark