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  1. Cupramax

    Will these wheels fit on my car ??

    Fear any female driving that, scraped rims are us...
  2. Cupramax

    Will these wheels fit on my car ??

    I dont think you're quite understanding wheel offsets. ET29 will stick out too far, and adding spacers will make it even worse. Higher offset i.e. ET35 will stick further into the arch, not out.
  3. Cupramax

    Will these wheels fit on my car ??

    ET29 will stick out too much on a standard B6/7 A4. ET35 is the absolute limit you can run without them stciking out of the arches and looking rediculous.
  4. Cupramax

    pd160 intake on a b6 pd130 ?

    I think you mean the Ibiza/Fabia is transverse... ;) A4 is inline so no it wont fit.
  5. Cupramax

    Engine temperature at 50! 1.8T cab

    I wouldn't assume its something simple, get it properly checked over as you could be cooking it. 1.8T's are renowned for the water pump failing due to the plastic impellar breaking up and this can give the simptoms you've quoted as no water is moving around.
  6. Cupramax

    Whats my PCD?

    If they're off a B6 they will be 5x112.
  7. Cupramax

    Interior Boot Lights

    Have you checked that whoever fitted the towbar didnt nick the supply for the towbar electrics?... that would be my first port of call.
  8. Cupramax

    Opening ROOF - how fast would you go?

    It does operate quicker on the B7 as well, I dont think there were any physical changes to the roof frame, just quicker motors.
  9. Cupramax

    Opening ROOF - how fast would you go?

    The B7 roof will operate at up to 20mph so I wouldn't worry. Do you seriously think Audi haven't tested for every eventuality, I've opened and closed mine while driving along no problems. The only stupid thing is if your opening/closing and go over that speed it just stops the mechanism...
  10. Cupramax

    OEM S4 Recaro Seats

    Any automotive upholsterer should be able to sort this by just replacing the damaged panel. It may cost you a fair few pennies bit its not worth paying for a hole new seat cover as they are hideously expensive from dealers. Just google upholsterers. Somewhere like this perhaps...
  11. Cupramax

    How many horses ??

    Read his second post, it says why he changed...
  12. Cupramax

    150 - 180BHP

    Thats because the 190hp engine has only just been introduced....
  13. Cupramax

    190ps A4 1.8T

    Nice one, because a 1.8T 190hp A4 cabrio quattro is likely to be my next mota... Hopefully Revo will be able to wave their wand on it with some good results.
  14. Cupramax

    190ps A4 1.8T

    Just noticed that the Audi UK site has been updated with the 190hp 1.8T engined A4. Anyone know if its gonna be put in the Cabrio as well as its not shown as an option on that car, just the 163hp 1.8T