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  1. barrym381

    Courtesy Car

    well they are telling lies lol they pulled an a1 sport out the showroom for me when my car went in and a mate just had the managers a5 as he refused the polo when putting his a6 in but it was audi that damaged it so the manager was more than happy to help,but the op might have a problem due to...
  2. barrym381

    help please

    car had a service 2k ago so that would have been changed
  3. barrym381

    safe mode on car

    sounds like the immobiliser
  4. barrym381

    help please

    do you know any1 in glasgow that could help
  5. barrym381

    help please

    not much mate just had it scanned with a snap on machine
  6. barrym381

    help please

    have an audi a3 1.9tdi 130 2006 car will run for ages sometimes then cut out an wont re-start for 30 mins sometimes run for 5mins an do the same not showin any codes either