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  1. Paul McQ

    A3 Sportback 1.6 TDI Clutch query

    Hi all, looking for some advice. Did a search but didn't throw up any similar posts. Currently having problem with clutch pedal sticking to floor and not returning. Spoken to my garage and he said could be a number of things, but possibly a defective master and/or slave clutch cylinder...
  2. Paul McQ

    LED Bulbs causing DAB Radio Interference

    Seeking some help/ideas. A while back I updated all internal and external lights to LED because I hated the yellow halogen bulbs. The problem is that unless I'm in an area with a strong DAB signal, the reception drops out. Parked up with engine/lights off DAB radio works fine. Turn on lights...
  3. Paul McQ

    Advice needed – Retrofitting Aluminium Pedal Covers (A3 Sportback)

    I planned on retrofitting the aluminium pedal covers I bought off ebay. Brake and clutch pedals were changed without a problem. The accelerator pedal on the other hand has been a total pain in the backside. I’ve seen the YouTube videos and tried fitting them from each side, putting vaseline...