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    Dust shields

    I go change my rear discs for upgrade discs 355mm . Are dust shields Required?? And if so witch one do fit the RS3?
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    Dust shields

    I go change my rear discs for upgrade discs 355mm . Are dust shields Required?? And if so witch one do fit the RS3?
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    Daytona grey RS3 with bronze collored wheels

    Someone here with this combo ? Any pics?
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    Lowered RS3 and snow chains

    Someone has done this ?? Is it possibel ? What chains did you use ? Thx
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    Reyland rear discs350 mm

    What is the modification??? Is there a video availebel for this modification.
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    9J ET40 20” Tires 235/30/20”

    Someone with this size wheels and tires? Sportback... I Can buy ABT wheels in this size.. But I think it will rub ..
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    Info and Help needed !

    After a long wait for my pads and discs ( ferredo DS performance and alcon discs) a new prolem!!! Audi don't want to put these discs and pads on the car ... not OEM parts and i can understand that. So i looked for a mechanic who for the job. He phoned me ... pads no problem but the discs don't...
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    Alcon discs RS3 8V(2016)

    who do i have to contact to order these direct replacement discs ? I’m from belgium and No dealer fond in belgium. Thx
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    Changing discs ?

    RS 3 has done 47000 km and the front pads need to be changed. What is the minimum thickness of the (wave) discs? I don’t want to change the pads and after a few thousant km need to change the discs. Because i think you have to change the pads also when you got new discs.
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    Girodisc .. disks the same for TTRS 8J and RS3 8V?? I can buy a set That came off a TTRS for a Good price and so Good as new .. But not sure they Will fit my RS3.
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    Flat battery confort key

    i get a message battry key low once. I forgot to chance the battery in the key. Result No entry to closed car, i opened the door with the key and the alarm went off. I tried to start the car with the start button but on the board message key not reconniced. I didn’t found how i must start the...
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    H&R rear bar

    I hear a lot off Good things about the handling off the car (PFL)with the rear bar H&R 33784 HA(R). In Belgium i can only find them as a set Front and rear.. Where can i get only the rear bar ? Thx .
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    Continental sport contact 6

    Someone running this tyres on his RS3?
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    Carbon mirrercovers for RS3

    where can i find a good quality carbon covers For a reasenabel price ?? OEM part
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    RS3 ... Yes or No...

    I want to buy a RS3 8v but there is that problem with the breaks . I read a lot off things and there is at the moment no sollution only changing disks and pats ... Are there people that haven't had any problems with the breaks !!?? Want to buy it as my dealy drive ..20000km/year.
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    Remus for audi S1

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    Red rings in air vents Quattro interieur

    Like those subtile red rings can they be orderd seperatly by the audi dealer ?? Easy to install ??
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    Quattro logo

    Can anyone tell me the size off the "Quattro" sticker on the side , that's part off the ext Quattro package . Thanks
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    Mythos black s1

    Our new audi S1 is arrived love it so far Not many options : metallic - heatted seats- winter tyres - 18" wheels - alarm - cruise controle Armrest - navigation-audi soundsystem- parking sensor at the back.