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  1. afcjay

    Looking at a A4 3.0L Quattro Convertible.What should i look out for?

    My sis is after a Audi A4 convertible and ive got the job to find one lol. Ive found a 3.0L Quattro with 102,000 miles on a 53 plate at a good price and was wondering what faults i should look out for apart from the normal stuff oil/water leaks/clutch/smoke/ratttles/roof...
  2. afcjay

    How many 2.0 tdi (BKD) owners have had to replace the turbo?

    With so many people reporting turbo faliure on the 2.0tdi BKD i thought it would be intresting to see how big the problem with these turbos actually is Can people list year of the car? mileage? standard or remapped? cost to replace and if you replaced with a standard or uprated turbo
  3. afcjay

    2.0 tdi (bkd) chocolate turbos

    Ive been lucky so far with my turbo but have read so many storys about the 2.0tdi turbos that seem to be made of chocolate they way they are giving up on so many cars my question is why dont Audi reconise they have a major problem with the bkd 2.0 tdi turbos as with the injector looms on the...
  4. afcjay

    Rear wiper dilema

    Ok,my rear wiper like many other 8p motors has never worked since i bought the car (didnt think to check when i bought the car) The water jet worked but the actual arm wouldnt sweep. I checked the fuse and that was fine.I could hear the relay when moving the wiper stalk forward.Anyway after...
  5. afcjay

    Recommend me some detailing products polish/wax/wheel sealent etc

    Hi, Im a bit out of touch with the detailing world these days but was hoping people could recommend me some product as all mine are running low I have a dolphin grey a3 8p The products i have at the moment are meguires clay,autoglym super resin polish and collinite wax but as i say,they are...
  6. afcjay

    what features can be added using vcds?

    just wondered what features can be added using vcds one click door opening?alarm beep when locking?steering weight etc etc? can anyoone list features that can be added
  7. afcjay

    rear brakes,plastic tags?

    Was checking my rear brakes today as i need new i was feeling around to see if they had sensors,i came across a plastic tag type thing on each of the rears,behind the disc and was just wondering what they were and what they were for any ideas?
  8. afcjay

    "That pollen filter will fit!!!!!!"

    I bought my A3 a few months back and although its had a lot of money spent and came with a F.S.H The car has been on the longlife service plan and the previous owner had kept to the service intervals but i myself really dont like the idea of such long intervals so today as the car had done 10k...
  9. afcjay

    Oil recomendations for 2.0 TDI

    After buying my 06 plate (non dpf) 2.0 tdi 140 which had been serviced by audi using the longlife plan that i am going to service the car every 10k instead as i dont like the idea of the oil/filter not being changed on a car for such long periods and it can only be a good thing for the...
  10. afcjay

    What number plate bulbs on hatchback?

    want to oder some brighter number plate lights,just wondered if anyone could tell me what bulbs they are? are they 501/w5w?
  11. afcjay

    My av setup

    Just noticed the home cinema section so thought id post a pic of my av setup.Still got things to do to finish off but its getting there
  12. afcjay

    Help changing side light bulbs w5w

    Replaced my headlight bulbs for some whiter looking Philips bulbs which was easy enough to do but now im looking to replace the side light bulbs also (w5w) but cant get my hand into the unit Can anyone tell me what the best way to go about changing them is and do they just pull out or...
  13. afcjay

    Opions on Eibach and H&R lowering springs for s-line

    Ive know its been discussed before (i have read a few older posts) but now people who have lowerd just on springs i wondered what there thoughts were Im thinking about lowering my tdi s line in the future and wondered which springs people would recommend with s line shocks (eibach,h&r or...
  14. afcjay

    Longlife servicing good or bad?

    Ive just picked up a 2.0 tdi which has been serviced as per the longlife service plan. Its due a service in a few thousand miles and i was wondering what peoples views were on the longlife service plan. Its the first car ive had which has been serviced in this way but im used to servicing my...
  15. afcjay

    Back in a A3 (s-line)

    After selling my A3 1.8T (8l) a few years back and having a few other vag cars in the mean time,im back in a A3 (8p) this time a 2.0 tdi s-line so back on the forum. Will post pics up asap
  16. afcjay

    Back again

    Hi all, After a few years since selling my A3 1.8t (8L) im back again after buying a A3 2.0 tdi s-line (8p) so thought id drop in and say hi. Will add pics and details soon
  17. afcjay

    Vagcom (what do i need to get started)

    i think its about time i got vagcom (freebie download) can anyone advise me,on how to get started i here there are free (part) vagcom downloads,does anyone have links? also where is the best place to get the lead as ive heard some cheap leads off ebay etc dont work any links,advice,do/donts...
  18. afcjay

    Engine ECU question

    Can you buy a second hand ECU and recode it to your 8L A3 on vagcom without the matching clocks and ignition and key etc? If so has anyone got an idea on price to recode it?
  19. afcjay

    fitting rear lowering springs (which way up)

    going to fit my rear lowering springs wanted to make sure i fit them the right way up. would i be right in saying the end of the spring which is more compressed (coils closer together) should go at the top? the only reason i ask is the writting on the springs would then be upside down and got me...
  20. afcjay

    Anyone around Heathrow area with software to switch air bag light off?

    just wondered if there was anyone round the Heathrow area that has the software to switch my airbag light off on my 8L 1.8T sport. if anyone can help please give me a PM many thanks