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  1. Kakatk

    Dogs in Car

    My wife likes to take the dogs with her every where she goes & occasionally leaves them locked in the car typically for about 30 mins. If the conditions are suitable ie not to hot. What she wants to do is lock the car with the windows open an inch or 2 (25-50mm for the non imperial out there)...
  2. Kakatk

    Driving in France

    My S4 Avant is due to be collected on the 4:03:18 so not long. Soon after I have a trip to France planned. My question is I have the light & vision pack, matrix lights. What will I need to do in France? Is there a setting in the virtual cockpit? Also you are supposed to carry spare bulbs ...
  3. Kakatk

    S4 Avant ordered

    Hello there, I ordered my first Audi on 20th December a Daytona grey S4 Avant. Spec. Privacy glass, 19” alloys, hill hold assist, reverse camera, memory seat & mirrors, carbon inlay light & vision pack. I think that’s all, run out of money or I would of added a few more toys. Build date 5th...