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  1. Hatefulfinch

    Just got a 2011 A3, need advice on cleaning kit

    Just got myself a black 2011 A3 Sportback and I love it. It's my fourth car, but the first I actually like! It's in great condition and want to keep it like that. I've been looking at all the cleaning and detailing kit that's out there, but I'm a bit lost. I have all the following on my list...
  2. Hatefulfinch

    Help with iPod setup

    Just got myself a 2011 A3 Sportback and discovered it has an iPod connector in the glove box. This is great as I have an old iPod Classic that works with it. The setup is kinda stupid though. The interface with the standard radio sucks. If I got an iPod cable extender (like this) that runs from...