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  1. Johnnyb

    8V S3 Tuning Thread

    Comrades! i thought it was worth creating a thread for those interested in tuning their new S3's, whether it's engine performance or cosmetic mods etc... I'm interested in having mine remapped, i have done this on my 2 previous S3's and it really is how the car should come out of the factory...
  2. Johnnyb

    Tapping / creaking coming from dash?

    Hey everyone Had my 09 S3 for just over a month now and in the last few days i have noticed that when the car is idling there are some weird tapping and creaking noises coming from the speedo dials and centre console area, they are quite prominent and def not in my imagination, i have got the...
  3. Johnnyb

    Help with minor misfire / hesitation ?

    Hello Had my new 09 s3 for over a month now, done 3k miles, had it REVO'd and Forge DV fitted, now im quite sure i noticed this little problem before the mods but cant be too sure, anyway im experiencing some hesitation usually always whilst motorway driving, its a strange one as it happens...
  4. Johnnyb

    How long do REVO usually take to send out select plus switch?

    Hey there Had my car REVO'd almost 3 weeks ago, and on the same day i registered online to request a select plus switch, after about 4 days i rang REVO and left my bank details as they said it would make the proccess quicker, does anyone know how long it usually takes for them to program it...
  5. Johnnyb

    S3 REVO'd!

    Before i start with the map, the week started with a trip down to Stattler in sheffield for my forge DV fitting, as always i got the usual excellent service and workmanship from Steve jnr and Craig aka Kirky along with the upbeat banter / **** taking. It took them about 20 mins to fit and had...
  6. Johnnyb

    Is anyone considering the new pipercross venom CAI?

    Hello I believe it was V6Pete that brought this to most peoples attention a few weeks back, i know its a bit of a chavvy make but it actually looks well engineered, i like the fact that its a dry filter and looks very OEM, but obviously as its brand new there doesnt seem to be any reviews or...
  7. Johnnyb

    S3 been sat on drive since Sunday, will the engine be ok ?

    Probably a silly question i dunno... My drive situation is pretty bad, out in the country, steep, narrow, windy drive covered in ice and snow every day, i havent even attempted trying to get it out, every time i shovel the snow away its replaced by the morning, luckily i have a lift in a range...
  8. Johnnyb

    Is this the correct Forge diverter valve?

    Hey there About to purchase a forge DV ahead of my stage 1 remap, is the correct one that most of you use the vacuum operated valve for VAG 2.0 , priced at around £120? Thanks
  9. Johnnyb

    Knocking noise coming from open sky sunroof?

    Hello all As some of you know i picked up my new S3 SB last week, but from the first day i drove in it i noticed a constant knocking noise coming from the section of sunroof above my head, i thought it may go away but its not and its really annoying I was thinking it might be cos its new and...
  10. Johnnyb

    My new S3 SB (pics)!!!

    I have been having difficulty with getting the pics straight onto the thread, so i have had to provide these links (sorry) I collected the car last thursday and these pics were taken the next morning, i literally just rinsed the car with water so its not exactly detailed...
  11. Johnnyb

    REVO stage 1 additional mods?

    Hey Well im about 5-6 weeks away from getting my new S3 sportback, im gonna try REVO out this time around but wanted to know if additional mods were worth it? I know that as it is the S3 doesnt realy need any other mods for stage 1 but would a milltek DP and a BMC CDA filter open up the map...
  12. Johnnyb

    Should I have added magnetic ride?

    Hey everyone, Just ordered a new S3 Sportback, and after some reading on here i dont know if i should have added the magnetic ride option? In saying that though i have read a few negative things about it on an S3 but mostly great on TT/R8, is it a worthwhile option? Thanks
  13. Johnnyb

    Reputable REVO dealers in the north?

    Hello all Some of you may remember me, i still have my 07 S3, but have just ordered an Ibis white S3 sportback - delivery mid december hopefully but i rekon it will be jan, anyway i was wondering if anyone can recommend a good REVO dealer in the north? and when i say north i mean anywhere...
  14. Johnnyb

    F.A.O Spin140

    Hey there I Havent posted on here for ages, but im ready for changing my red 07 S3 for a 09 S3 sportback Ibis white, i noticed this is now what you have, how does it compare to the 3dr? i read one review says the newer S3 seems to have more progressive power than the old one, and how does it...
  15. Johnnyb

    S3 Re-spray??

    Hello, I have an 07 S3 in brilliant red, but have recently seen a few Ibis white models around and they look amazing, which has prompted me to think about trading mine in for a white one. This may sound stupid but does anyone know if Audi would be able to spray mine Ibis white? if so...
  16. Johnnyb

    Fixing a brake light?

    Hi, Does anyone know how to fix a brake light on an 07 S3? got the warning indicator today, is it just a case of changing the bulb? or would the dealers need to take it in? Thanks
  17. Johnnyb

    Service indicator not going?

    Hi, I had my car serviced about 2 months ago, and last week when i turned the ignition on it came up saying "service in 1700 miles" I had it remapped last monday but im pretty certain it was doing it before, but i cant quite remember. Anyway i took it to the dealer today and they plugged in...
  18. Johnnyb

    Remap query

    Strange question, but is it possible for an ECU to develop a fault when remapped? my mate just had his audi s3 done by APR and was delighted with the results, then about 2 weeks after his remap, he said it just didnt feel as quick, not by a huge margin, he said it felt like it had dropped 10bhp...
  19. Johnnyb

    Switching from superchips to GIAC

    Hello, I have got an 07 S3, have had it bluefinned which i put back to standard mode today, its going in for a service tomorrow and as i have been driving all day i have realised the car just feels the same maybe a tiny, tiny bit slower but not really noticible, so the remap has obviously not...
  20. Johnnyb

    Catching the turbo?

    This may sound stupid to you guys, but im trying to figure out the best method of accelerating to "catch the turbo" in the best possible way, for example - sometimes when i set off in first, if i plant the pedal just slightly over halfway the turbo goes wild and it feels like lighting, but if i...