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    Anyone running 20" alloys on their A6 ??

    hi, i drive a 2010 a6 le mans with the standard 19" twin spoke alloys and 255 x 35 x 19 tyres i've bought a set of 20" alloys - tyres are currently 245 x 45 x 20 and a lot bigger in circumference when i stand them next to my standard ones. What tyre sizes are you running on 20" alloys ...
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    A6 Le Mans 2.0 TDI S Line for Sale

    just listed my car for sale or possible swap any interest let me know. Cheers! steven
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    Sat Nav A6 le mans

    hi all, normally my sat nav updates with live traffic updates, shows queing traffic etc seems to have stopped doing this over the last 2 weeks, any reason why? tonight the m6 was a nightmare but nothing flashed up. thats for any answers Stevo
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    My A6 Le Mans

    Hi all, had the A6 a month now and loving it, weather changed so started the cleaning process. Clayed the passenger side, had lots of tar spots and general road dirt, could feel it quite a lot on the clay, then machine polished - results are excellent, really brings the sparkle out in the...
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    Picked up my Le Mans

    picked up my new car today - 2010 le mans saloon with pretty much everything on it spec wise. i'm new to the mmi system - how can i display the mpg ? it's switched on on the menu - but how do i view it? Cheers! Stevo
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    Evening all, new a6 owner

    evening all, just been out and bought a 2010 le mans spec A6 - can't believe the condition - really is mint and only 44k. looking forward to collecting it next week.
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    TDI Tuning

    Hi all, has anyone used the TDI tuning box ? advertised at £295 for nearly 50bhp power increase and increase of 76 in torque. simply plug in - thoughts / experience in using them? normally had subarus which i've had remapped live by a tuner. Cheers! Stevo