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    S4 Exhaust Valve tweak

    It doesn't give you anything different to switching to Dynamic or Individual after starting the car (for individual that assumes you've set engine sound to sport). I had them unplugged for a while but I prefer to be able to control the valves and I often just switch modes as soon as I start the...
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    Start/Stop system fault

    Good news they are sorting it out quickly. I’m my experience it is the same with all makes, prestige or not, if something effects you driving the car and you need it fixing quickly with a loan car it is better to call the breakdown service.
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    Start/Stop system fault

    Use Audi assist, instant loan car and you jump the queue. Just be firm on the phone you are concerned about driving it because of the noise
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    Dash Cam Wire Routing

    Does anyone have any details of how they wired the rear camera in an Avant? All of the how to's I can find only seem to be for the front dashcam. That's all fitted fine on mine but I've just upgraded to a newer Blackvue which also has a rear camera I want to fit. Any help is appreciated. It...
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    Is privacy glass standard on S-Line?

    Hello, I've been looking at a new A7 50Tdi S-Line on a lease deal to replace my S4 Avant I got 2 years ago which is due to go back in September. Some of the stock cars available have different options such as sunroof but some also list 'Privacy Glass'. When I look on the Audi website it states...
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    Start/Stop system fault

    Yes it has happened twice on mine now. First in October last year and then again a few weeks ago. They have replaced the thermostat for a second time. They claim it has been redesigned now but I’m not sure I believe them.
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    Start/Stop system fault

    I've only just seen this thread but I had the same issue in early October, the engine fans on full all the time and the engine warning light on (and the start/stop message). Like others it was a faulty thermostat. Audi assist were excellent, they got the car towed to the garage and arranged a...
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    Facelift New Car, New Questions, New Stress

    The ignition has to be off, it doesn't matter if the engine is running or not.
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    Facelift New Car, New Questions, New Stress

    For the boot opening the ignition also has to be off. When I first got the car I'd left the ignition on and couldn't understand why the boot opening wasn't working.
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    It is really easy to hard wire it yourself (and therefore easy to remove it too) plus the benefit of that is it enables you to completely hide the wires. I wouldn't want to see the cable running to the 12v socket.
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    B9 and Blackvue

    Even after a long drive the voltage from my battery is only around 12.4v so if I had set the PowerMagic to 12.5v it would cut out straight away. Therefore I set it to 12v but that 0.4v only seems to give about 2 hour usage to use up.
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    Radio Intermittent Operation

    I experience this too. I've had several BMW which picked up DAB everywhere in the area I live and my commute to work but the b9 cuts out in a number of places and often doesn't switch to FM.
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    B9 and Blackvue

    I mentioned on the first page that mine shuts down quickly, it only records for an hour or so. I have always assumed the voltage drops quite quickly and so it shuts it off so it won't drain the battery. That's what it is designed to do.
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    B9 and Blackvue

    Mine's in the fusebox to the left of the dash. There is lots of room in there.
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    B9 and Blackvue

    Sure, here you are. Although more visible than behind the mirror I've placed it as high as possible.
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    B9 and Blackvue

    You are correct. I mounted mine further to the side so as not to block this.
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    B9 and Blackvue

    That’s about the same position as mine. I do find with the PowerMagicPro it doesn’t record for long after the car is locked up. I assume the voltage drops quite quickly. From memory I set it to 12v. It also stops the start/stop system from working for quite a while after starting the car, I...
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    Google traffic not working

    I emailed them too, I looked on here last weekend and didn't see any posts. They replied saying 'I have requested an extension to your licence with our Connect Support Team at AUDI AG' yet all the licenses had looked fine and all the other online tools worked just not traffic.
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    Michelin Pilot 4S on S4 245/35 R19

    I've got them on the front, just waiting for the rears to wear out to fit them there too. The cheapest place I found was for £362.32 fitted for the 2 with 4% cash back through topcashback. They took 10 days to arrive though from Germany so not great if you are in a rush.
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    Gray's new S4

    Great upgrade. I do wish mine had the folding mirrors, mainly to know it is locked and for the mirror to drop when you reverse.