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    So Long

    Well, it's finally time to say goodbye to the Black Widow, so i'll be leaving the forums. Just wanted to say bye, and thanks to everyone who chipped in w/ info and advice for a noob Audi owner :-) have to say, moving on from the Dynamik will be a very sad day, i've abolutely loved every second...
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    Best Interior Glass Cleaner...?

    ....preferably w/ some anti-misting capability? tried a couple of household glass cleaners (Mr Muscle and Windolene) and wipes but it still seems the glass is smeary. tried rain-x many years ago, the exterior rain repellant was good but i recall the interior stuff wasn't, dunno if they've...
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    Low Battery Level - Battery Will Be Charged Whilst Driving

    Anyone had this message? Possibly not unexpected to have this come on, w/ the battery being over 7 years old and the cold weather etc, but the handbook implies it stays on until the battery is charged, and mine vanished almost instantly. another of the weirdie warnings i've had or possibly...
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    Recommended Camera fitter in Newcastle?

    As per title, had a camera for a while and still haven't gotten around to fitting the damn thing. was going to take a crack at it but i can't see how to get my pillar lining off and don't really want to eff around and spoil my car, so - is there any reputable/recommended people/places in the...
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    A4 B8 Dynamik Handling

    Well, i'm still not happy w/ my car. she's a 2011 2.0 TfSI quattro, and for a while the back end has seemed very spongy. I thought it was a tyre issue, as one kept losing pressure, so eventually over the course of month i got new tyres and then got refurbed alloys [which were the cure]. She...
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    Wheel Alignment in Newcastle, Recommendations Please?

    Hi, had the Widow in for a check-up today, had a fleeting brake warning light come on but i've not been happy w/ the handling at the rear, seems to be spongy and lacking grip. had a new shocker in April, but this time there was no issues. went out w/ the chief tech and the only thing he could...
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    Audi vs Jeep

    i think he just stole that :-D
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    Licence Plates

    Just curious, do the cops not bother w/ enforcing these any more? there's a tw@ at work who's plate is literally half the height of a regular plate on his obvious attempt at a street racer, no way it's even close to regulation dimensions.
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    Cam Follower Problems

    Does anyone know if there's a particular issue w/ the cam folower on TFSI engines? a mate's just been asking me about it, i can find virtually nothing on this site except a mention that there seemed to be a bad issue back on pre 2008 engines, and similar on google. just curious, as he's saying...
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    Well If The Airbags Don't Work, At Least I Know the Structure's Sound
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    Not What I'd Expect From Audi
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    The Black[er] Widow

    Got my alloys refurbed in an attempt to stop some mysterious pressure loss, turns out the process redoes the entire wheel unless you get the diamond cutting bit too. Was a bit unsure, but when i saw her i'm really happy
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    New Speeding Laws "Or if you are caught going between 31 and 40mph in a 30mph zone you will get three penalty points and a fine of between 25 and 75 per cent of your...
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    Nice Paint Job

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    Coach Crash he had a mile visibility and took no action, and thought the hard shoulder was open for use? it never is unless roadworks have dictated it. but seriously, why would a company...
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    Courtesy Cars/NINos

    Local garage said to get a courtesy car i need to take my driving licence and my National Insurance number - has anyone else had this? the lass babbled something about this is how they check stuff, which made no sense to me.
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    Is Audi Extended Warranty Worth It?

    Just got an online quite out of curiousity, .£600 a year. seems a bit steep, but i'm not at the stage of them charging £60 just to look at something. any opinions?
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    F1-looking thing on London Street

    Saw something like this but i was sure it had a Lotus badge on the front, any ideas what it might have been? pretty crap question, lol, but traffic was heavy so i didn't get a good look at the back either for any badges and had no time to grab a pic.
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    Motorway Camera Flashes?

    was driving on the M1 yester and in the queues i seems to see a few single blue flashes on the back of cars, was wondering what that was? i believe the motorway cameras flash twice, and these were fairly vivid blue and definitely a single flash. was crappy thundery weather so i'm wondering if it...
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    Glad I Don't Go Here