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  1. JimLoskot

    Audi A4 Cabriolet Soft Top/ Roof / Hood Motor Repair Guide

    Having done this procedure a couple of years ago, looks like I'll be repeating it (hopefully this will fix it again!) Once again, many thanks for this excellent write up thats saved people thoasands of pounds!
  2. JimLoskot

    Heater flap motors - where to buy

    As an update to this thread, mine was making funny clicking noises from time to time so thought it was worth getting a price for the new part. TPS now want £110 for the part!!!!! The bloke on the phone also said that it had changed part number so I presume the design has been updated to prevent...
  3. JimLoskot

    Heater flap motors - where to buy

    I had a look on the other side underneath the steering wheel and didn't see anything like this TBH
  4. JimLoskot

    Heater flap motors - where to buy

    Just repaired my A4 b7 cab after getting cold feet. basically no air to the footwell vents so took off glove box and you look at the image posted earlier: I ran all the different vent positions and it was the highest motor with the black linkage that wasn't moving. From what I can gather, the...
  5. JimLoskot

    Concert II+ upgrades in B7 A4 cab

    Hi I have been looking to fit a phatbox and bluetooth handsfree kit that I already have into the wife's b7 A4 cab with a concert II+ stereo. Whilst doing this I have come across all sorts of relatively cheap products that seem to do all this with a lot less fuss such as Xcarlink, yatour and...
  6. JimLoskot

    Audi a4 1.9 tdi avant FWD to quattro !

    excellent thread. I really wish I had your knowledge of these cars (and that you lived closer to me so I could pick your brain in person)
  7. JimLoskot

    RobMorris Audi A4 2.5 V6 tdi avant

    Prize the top cover off from the top and back and then it obvious
  8. JimLoskot

    aero wiper fit

    seem to remember a 2 arm or (preferable) a 3 arm puller is usefull to get the old arms off
  9. JimLoskot

    Climate control unit - what torx to take it apart?

    no idea but I got a set of small torx pretty cheap for taking mobile phones to bits, only a few quid, was a while ago tho
  10. JimLoskot

    gettin my wheels refurbed. what colour?

    I had shadow chrome powder coated on my last car which was a black IS200. It looked really good (I've got no photo's tho I'm afraid)
  11. JimLoskot

    RobMorris Audi A4 2.5 V6 tdi avant

    This is what I've bought: AUDI A4 B6 2001-2005 DRIVER SIDE DOOR LOCK/ MOTOR CATCH | eBay going to change it this weekend. Looks like that bolt will still come out with the spline bit. They're only about half inch long but have blue thread lock on.
  12. JimLoskot

    Please Help Audi A4 2.5 TDI Quattro Starting Problems/Thermostat

    2nd James' suggestion of a new battery. A weak battery really effects the starting
  13. JimLoskot

    drivers door lock mechanism

    for future reference I bought a lock off ebay fairly cheap, when that is fitted and working I'm going to try and take apart my old lock and I'll post up the results
  14. JimLoskot

    RobMorris Audi A4 2.5 V6 tdi avant

    Have you got a proper spline bit? did you use a torx bit to round it off? To take the lock out you will need to remove the whole window assembly and the wiring for the mirror. Its not too difficult but I followed the haynes manual. Make sure you mark the position of the bolts holding the window...
  15. JimLoskot

    drivers door lock mechanism

    No, the doors are fine. Its the lock mechanism that doesn't spring down to fully open. Has anyone taken a lock mechanism apart with success?
  16. JimLoskot

    drivers door lock mechanism

    Have had the fairly common drivers door bouncing back when you go to shut it. I have removed the door lock and given it a good soak in WD40 and cleaned it and greased it up but it still doesn't spring down to the fully open position. It appears that some of the rubber coating of the latch is...
  17. JimLoskot


    Hi I've just had the same fault show up on my 2.5tdiQ. Is the sensor obvious/easy to find? And is it just a case of dropping the oil and removing and replacing or repositioning the sensor? Thanks Jim
  18. JimLoskot

    Front wiper motor part number?

    what pauldazzle said, common fault with the B^, the linkage siezes up
  19. JimLoskot

    How do I unplug drivers door wiring loom from the car body??

    thanks for you reply, I will give it a go if it ever stops raining/snowing
  20. JimLoskot

    How do I unplug drivers door wiring loom from the car body??

    thanks for your answer woorlord, think I am a bit confused tho. There is no problem with the plugs, just that 1 of the wires has come out of the back of the plug. How does the repair wire work, do you just shove it into the back of the plug. will TPS know what I'm talking about? thanks