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    Facelift Suspension

    Hi guys i have a fl without magride. I want to improve the ride...currently it feels a bit too bouncy. I dont want the car too low as its a daily. What springs do people suggest?
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    For Sale Rs3 8v.2 kw v3 coilovers

    Hi Im selling my kw v3 coilovers for the facelift rs3 (8v.2) They have covered around 7k miles and are complete with no missing bits. Im after £975 collected. Based in the west mids
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    Oil catch can for facelift?

    Hi guys Ive read mixed reviews about getting an oil catch can got a fl rs3? Is it worth it or not really? I can dee that forge do one for the rs3 but cant seem to find any other branded ones.
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    Inlet pipe and turbo elbow

    Hi guys Can the above 2 parts be fitted easily by myself or do I need to take it to a garage? Are there any diy guides?
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    Remap needed after fmic?

    Hi I've had a stage 1 map on my rs3 this weekend. If I get a larger fmic fitted would I need to the map tweaked or will it be fine as it is?
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    Which rear arb upgrade

    Hi Some people are going for the 034 and some for the H&R. The 034 is double the price of the H& it worth the extra money? Has anyone experienced both?
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    Rs3 8v.2 tuning advice

    Hi guys picked up a facelift rs3 a few weeks ago. I love the car and just want to make it a bit faster. I've read into the tuning options..just need some advice. I want to retain the oem downpipes and secondary cats. I am tempted to just get: Remap Larger fmic Forge turbo inlet pipe Forge...
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    Sold 8v rs3

    Hi Im after a 8v rs3 either facelift or prefacelift. Only want blue or nardo as colours. Anyone selling?