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  1. Tomo01

    Cancelled order

    ordered car at the beginning of February given a eta may,every couple of weeks dates went further away checked with dealer at the end of the month still at status 10 with a provisional bw October,ridiculous
  2. Tomo01

    Contemplating cancelling

    currently got an s3 on order since Feb with a bw of Sep,still on status 10,the wait is killing so thinking of going for used instead,anyone know how i would stand with my deposit.
  3. Tomo01

    Disklok on s3

    just wandering will a disklok ft flat bottomed steering wheel ok.
  4. Tomo01

    Confused HHA+parking brake

    Is it worth having hill hold assist as the parking brake does a similar thing releasing as you pull away
  5. Tomo01

    Mud flaps s3

    Has anyone fitted mud flaps to there fl s3
  6. Tomo01

    Facelift Spec change

    I've ordered an s3 current bw39 if I change spec slightly would my bw change
  7. Tomo01

    Tyre wear

    Hi folks this will be my first Quattro when it turns up,just wandering what sort of mileage to expect from a set of tyres,and do they normally wear out roughly all at the same time
  8. Tomo01

    Ara blue 3 door pics

    Any pics of ara blue 3 door only seen sportback or saloon
  9. Tomo01

    Winter protection pack

    anyone had the clear film put on rear bumper that comes with the winter protection pack.
  10. Tomo01

    Moving from ford

    Hi All After many years with Ford decided to take the plunge and currently waiting for my first Audi,ordered S3 beginning of Feb