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    Anyone Interested?

    hi Guys i sold my a4 last week :( got some bits laying around pipercross panel filter & 4 x door mid strips (new) ideal if your respraying your doors make me a offer? ps: bought a A8...?
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    New Wheels, Cupholder & coin tray,

    hey guys gave the car a clean today, weather was good and i'm back to work tomorrow so decided to give it a good wash and fit my new cup holder and coin tray, also wired up the leds in the vents and the above bits too....check it!!!..nice bit sadi to see the old wheels go...:(...
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    hey guys for anyone interested Elite direct have a set of 18" avus s4 rims there selling, second hand off the MD's car, £400 nice
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    Minimum oil light!

    hey guys quick question is it normal for a engine to loose/burn etc oil over 5000miles, only doing very little mileage every day? i got a minimum light oil warning this morning and normaly get it after 4-5000miles then having to put 5-700ml of oil in? i've been reading its a vw/audi...
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    wheels for sale!

    hey everyone, i'm selling my current rims, and going for something more the norm due to the fan club the car has??? i love the attention but my wife has stopped driving my car due to the attention she gets when driving it. she feels unsafe when out and about.... so they gotta go :( they have...
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    Crappy FAI parts!!!!

    word of advise guy only buy Lemforder or audi suspension parts when you go to replace any wishbone parts, i recently had a eibach shocker go faulty which had nothing to do with the sh!t parts fitted, it was just one of those things, but when i was inspecting the control arms the top two and the...
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    Damaged Eibach Shock

    Went up to derby this weekend to look at a mustang, and noticed a thuddering from the drivers front wheel when hitting pot holes or large grooves in the road on the way back, getting a shake in the steering too, has anyone had a eibach shock go faulty on them if so what where the symptoms? my...
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    Detailing day

    gave the car a clean and detail today after 1 month of it gathering dust, took ages, and some pics of my new dressed brakes... Say Hi Dad!
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    Multitronic Gearbox

    hi dudes i was just wondering if it is possible to change the setup of a automatic gearbox, i.e. changing the rev range and kickdown stage?
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    Westside motors?

    has any one in the woodford area used westside motors? there a vw audi garage? i've used them once, and havent been back? there next to the harvester?
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    Bits i need to shift!

    Hey guys, this is prob on the wrong section but i need to shift these bits!!! i have 2 rear shocks for a b6 a4 2001 onward, these where fitted to my car after i had it lowered, my old ones where knackered, they where on the car for just over 1 month before i fitted eibachs, they are in...
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    New TT owner...maybe?

    Hey guys, needed a bit of advice? i'm currently a a4 owner and dont use it much my wife has a a2 tdi which we use allot as its cheap to run. i'm looking to change the a4 to something quick but nice, i was looking at the 350z's but not keen on jap cars, and nothing else quite takes my...
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    Water Loss

    Hey dudes, got back from a long weekend away on monday, and went to start the car, but i thought i'd check the levels before hand, oil was ok but the coolant was past the minimum, and needed 2 1/2 pints of water...ahhhh not another problem, has anyone else had this problem???? or is the a...
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    Service cost!!!!

    hey guys, i know this should really be on the a2 bit, but hey! it anoyed me so much i had to let every one know!!! any hoo, gave my wifes a2 1.4 tdi in for a service today 70k with a few faults starter noise, notchy gearchange and a little gulpping from the throttle. harold wood audi...
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    one thing i've noticed about german cars is , they develop anoying little rattles from time to time.....normally something silly like a wire tapping somewhere or a loose tie.... my car (touch wood) does'nt rattle all that, even with the 19" and coilovers, but today, i got one.....nuts seems...
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    Rubba Dub Dub

    hey guys, was wondering if you guys have had this happen.... went b'ham this week end for a wedding, raining like hell!!! on 2 occasions my rear tyres caught something within the arch sounded like the lip of the arch!! thank god it was'nt (took the wheels of yesterday and had a good look around...
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    tappa tappa tappa!!!!

    hey guys, got a service issue this time? had the car serviced about a month ago from chingford audi, 100k service, basically when i started the car it made a tappet noise for 1-2 seconds, never done this before, checked it again today, and i could hear it from the inside of the car, just...
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    Headlight Shakeing

    hi Guys.... Noticed something today with my car, working late today to got to test my hid retro fit, on the way home noticed my headlights where shakeing a little when i hit a pot hole? not much just a little! did'nt really notice with the normal halogen light as the range was crap, does anyone...
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    Catching Front Wheel

    hey dudes!!! got a small problem, nothing major.... just seeing if anyone else has had the same problem......basically, when turning my steering while driving...say into a road with a **** surface, or with a dip at the end... or reverse camber, my front wheel seems to be catching the small trox...
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    Carbon Fiber Spoiler!

    hey dudes, just a few pics on my new spoiler, glued in on this weekend, and got the gloss carbon covers for the pillers on order from lltek:icon_thumright: , not sure about the black strip that goes across the rear bumper??? shall i put it on or leave the car as it is? snuck in a...