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    Sold Q5 Rubber winter mats. Genuine Audi Parts.

    Long shot but.... are these still available?
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    For Sale Audi A3 8P Sportback Bilstein & Eibach Suspension Parts (Brand New) May Fit other Models

    If you were willing to sell springs on their own let me know. Thanks.
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    For Sale Genuine Ronal A3 RS4 style alloys with x 4 nearly new tyres!

    At £40 a tyre what brand are they? And were they second hand or something?
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    For Sale MTM wheels

    Ok. The offset will be stamped on the inside of the spokes probably. ET52 or maybe ET44. Something like that but let me know which if you can. Thanks.
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    Sold 4 x Genuine OEM 18" S3 alloys

    What’s offset? Thanks
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    For Sale MTM wheels

    Any details about offset etc? Spigot rings needed?
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    Wanted 18" or 19" alloy wheels with tyres...

    Might interest me.... PM me. Ta
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    The rear wiper thing, but not as you know it......

    Looking for some opinions. Yesterday I closed the tailgate on my A3 sportback and the rear wiper started sweeping continuously. The stalk was in the normal position (not active). When pushed forward it went to the regular intermittent sweep but pull back to middle and off it went at full chat...
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    Rust on rear wheel arch - should I get it repaired?

    What’s name of body shop as I’m SW London and need similar as there’s bubbling on my OSF arch.
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    Quick Valuation Question

    Yep. That’s the one. Doubt he’ll take 4K. Would be nice though.
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    Quick Valuation Question

    It is actually backed up by full main dealer history from new all the same dealer plus all MOT’s. One year it did less than 1k between services. Only question is cambelt was last done 15k/6 years ago after 6 years/32k so is it due again? Usual issue of the 5 year norm v front of book saying 115k...
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    Quick Valuation Question

    Probably similarly sketchy
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    Quick Valuation Question

    This ones on Portsmouth road between Kingston and Surbiton
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    Quick Valuation Question

    South west ish London.... have you looked at the car by chance or was it yours?
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    Quick Valuation Question

    Thanks all. Autotrader reckoned 4350 which is a bit low and gave trade in value as just over 3k. Thing is it’s a trade in to the dealer and he’s now asking 6995!!! But we all know he’s probably trying to double his money. Also a dealer operating at a cheap car wash yard, not exactly encouraging.
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    Quick Valuation Question

    Just an opinion from anyone online tonight if possible please. I’m looking at buying an A3 quattro 2.0TFSi sportback with full main dealer history backing up a measly 47k miles but it’s 12 years old.... Main thing is what’s it worth...?