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    This is a good un. I am presently insured with Tesco for my A6 Avant 2.5tdi se 2003. Just had me renewal notice through £430. Thats up by £110 from last years £320 i paid?! What puzzles me when i do a like for like quote online with Tescos car insurance i get a quote of £395 for exactly the...
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    Hi Just got back from Audi dealers in Stockport. Wanted the code for the blaupunkt. Got and it was free ,thank god. I enquired about updated maps for the unit. Yep but at a cost of £117. Wish i kept me tomtom any new round-a-bouts, roads,,ect are free. Other than that offered by the dealer...
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    convenience control module

    Audi A6 Avant 2.5TDI SE 2003. Yep i have had that flood in the back passenger footwell. Fair bit of stuff about it on the forums and a few good tips. Carpet cut, bucket of water removed, sponge sound proof squeezed (another bucket), cleared drain plugs under battery, ( nearly strained me back...
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    Hello to the forum

    Looking for hints and tips. Main dealers just want your money (most of it).