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  1. matttrs

    1.9TDI Cranks but wont start up.

    Hope someone can help, I was driving along normally the other night and the car died, I thought it went into limp, but then I had nothing, not turning over at all, so I pulled over to the hard shoulder and tried to start, it cranked perfectly well but no fire up So I called the RAC. They sent...
  2. matttrs

    how do you remove the c pillar interior trim? Avant

    I need to get to the metal, as the boot strut nut has pulled itself out the thread and ruined the lot. I was going to drill a hole in the side so I could attach a new bolt and washer to tighen it up to. I cant see how you get the c pillar trim off, i've got the boot end removed and unclipped...
  3. matttrs

    312 brakes not quite so easy upgrade!

    after a lot of reading old threads, I thought i'd upgrade to 312 brakes, I needed new discs and pads, and thought I may as well to fill the wheels nicely. It appeared quite simple, new carriers and a new discs and pads. I found a set on ebay of MK5 gti ones with nearly new discs, and got those...
  4. matttrs

    what does this warning light mean (0)

    its not in the manual that I can see, its a circle with brackets around it like this (O) only the brackets are in three parts like below / \ l O l \ / sort of?! its just come on and I've got an hours drive to work in the morning 5am sunday. thanks Matt
  5. matttrs

    rear brake calipers

    I was going to change the pads but the bolts have rusted and rounded off, the allen key socket appears to just turn stiffly in the hole. Is this a major issue for a garage, or is it easy to remove another way? just want an idea before i get hit with a big bill.
  6. matttrs

    alu rear boot trim.

    all the tabs have come off mine and it just wobbles around, does anyone know if these are expensive parts, I mean the bit that attaches on top on the rear bumper and under the boot lid.
  7. matttrs

    S4 front bumper washer caps.

    I started a thread on this recently but, when I ordered them they were wrong. I have searched all over for b6 S4 front bumper washer caps/covers and found a few part nos. I was linked to these, but the part number is too short apparently 26 Cover Cap Primed (L) 1x 8E0 955 275 D...
  8. matttrs

    S4 headlight washer caps

    I've just picked up an S4 front bumper, to replace my standard with an ABT valance. Just wondering whether anyone knows if the headlight washer jet caps are the same as standard A4, or how much they are from the dealer, or anywhere else. as I'm not having washer jets fitted, I guess they'll...
  9. matttrs

    rear brakes on a quattro - caliper bolt issues

    I'm normally quite adept at changing things like pads and discs, but on the Avant the rear caliper bolts have rusted nicely, the 8mm hex socket has rounded the bolts off, very easily I might add! this is a huge pain in the butt. whats best now? should I just take it to a garage and get them to...
  10. matttrs

    Joey'd my headlights from chrome to black

    I did this before on my mk4 golf and liked the look so thought I'd have a go on the audi. Its time consuming but I prefer the look, similar to the cabriolet lights. I took the lights off, split the headlights and painted the inside bit of chrome that surround the glass/ plastic. I left the rest...
  11. matttrs

    S4 front bumper

    any ideas how much one of these is? I like this look.
  12. matttrs

    urgent fog light question

    the avant failed the mot on no rear fog light, changing the bulb and fuse is not making it work. cant think of any other reason to fail, the switch lights up when its on, the fronts work on the first position any ideas as I cant get mot at the moment!
  13. matttrs

    Its not new or clever but I tried wrapping my interior trim

    quite pleased how it came out. getting the trim out is quite a puzzle! but theres guides around here, the wrapping was fairly easy, just make sure its clean. I know its nothing special, but my wheels are ready after 9 months so looking forward to getting these on soon. :cold:
  14. matttrs

    random beep

    sometimes, well occasionally my A4 starts beeping purposefully, every 30secs for about 10 minutes, you get a second long beep. no lights come on the dash and nothing seems, wrong. I've had a look through the manual, but I have no idea why, its a bit offputting on the mway. what is it? 53 plate...
  15. matttrs

    another aero wiper question

    I've bought a set of the b7 wiper arms from audi, and need the blades, it looks like a minefield trying to order these and get oem fitment rather than the replacement upgrade type. Any suggestions of where or what to buy? thanks Matt
  16. matttrs

    Matt's build thread

    Hi, hope this is the right area! Hey, starting a new thread for the new car I recently picked up. I'm very pleased with my oil burning Audi sport. its not gonna be quick tho. first pics as is. but I do have these! which I painted this lovely colour thanks for looking matt :rock:
  17. matttrs

    windscreen washer is useless.... why?

    Hi, my driver washer jet doesn't work and the passenger is as good as a weak bladder, gently squirting drops on the windscreen! any idea what could be up, it doesn't appear to be blocked and the pump is making noise, but its just pathetic. thanks in advance Matt
  18. matttrs

    what hands free is this?

    this came built in to my A4, how do I find out if theres a way to use it, or what phone fits it? anyone seen one before thanks Matt
  19. matttrs

    question before buying one.

    lots of the audis I see on auto trader have black unpainted valances and sides, is the black just a sticker on the sides? as it seems to cover the doors too. I've got some B7 skirts to go on, which will cover the lower part, just wondered about the bit above that.
  20. matttrs

    hey and some newb questions.

    Hi i've just joined up as am searching through the auto trader ads for a new for me but old avant! just wondering a few things. I have had a good look through first. i'm looking at a 1.9tdi 130 se or sport, should I look at 2.5 also? i am planning to get 130 remapped 5sp or 6sp, is there a...