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  1. Cupramax

    Do I have a FMIC?

    Yes but its classed as a SMIC (side mount)
  2. Cupramax

    Leon Cupra R vs S3 vs 1.8T Quattro?!

    I'd say the way the Leon drives, alone, makes it superior to the S3... the general dynamics of the chassis was head and shoulders over the S3's I've driven, a huge amount of work went into developing the Leon R. Traction was never a problem on mine as long as you had good tyres (F1's seemed to...
  3. Cupramax

    New to the forums - lots of questions.

    Nice tidy looking A3... if I were you'd I'd go for 18's and not 19's as they will make it look like its on stilts and make the brakes look rediculously small. Lowering springs I wouldn't go too low considering the standard shocks are likely to have seen better days after 80k. Eibach do a 30mm...
  4. Cupramax

    OEM RS4/RSTT centre caps on replicas

    Mine fitted fine but that was on an 8P with new shape RS4 reps... Centre caps off the standard S-line RS6 lookalikes.
  5. Cupramax


    Warm with a hairdryer and slice it off with dental floss...
  6. Cupramax

    210 or 225 How do i know ?

    The 10th character of the VIN is the model year so a 1 would denote 2001 etc...
  7. Cupramax

    rs4 Alloys

    112 not 110...
  8. Cupramax


    [ QUOTE ] Now, i have advertised her at 12,995 with no offers, [/ QUOTE ] To be honest putting "no offers" on any private sale instantly comes across as arrogant. Put ONO on it or reasonable offers accepted. You know what you want for the car so theres no point in starting off on a bad...
  9. Cupramax


    Firstly Secondly your car is probably worth about £5k, your mileage is average for the age of car. Mods will devalue it second hand if anything... Looks nice though...
  10. Cupramax

    105mph collision: S3 1, Wood Pigeon 0...

    [ QUOTE ] I hit an uninsured woman driving a Porsche 911 [/ QUOTE ] Was she a cow???
  11. Cupramax

    1.8T & 1.8TQ remapping

    You'll probably find the turbo's are different hence the different tunability. 1.8T 150hp having a KO3 and the 1.8TQ 180hp being a KO3s.
  12. Cupramax

    A3 3.2 V6 modified......

    Haven't made the decision yet. I just get bored very quickly with cars and its to the Leon's compliment its lasted me for nearly 18 months. I tried the S4 V8 a couple of weeks back but it didn't do anything for me, but have yet to get a go in the local dealers 3.2 A3. If AmD are getting the...
  13. Cupramax

    A3 3.2 V6 modified......

    [ QUOTE ] spanishS3 said: I would like the 3.2, but I find it a bit boring, but maybe with some classy wheels, nice brakes and the 300 bhp... [/ QUOTE ] Nice brakes? Its got RS4 340mm disks on it already... just how big do you want them???
  14. Cupramax

    Some help please New A3 TDi or 3.2

    [ QUOTE ] RichA3Turbo said: Driven the TDi, and it was OK... but nothing special! was reasonable performance, but did handle well... Where as the 3.2 is much quicker (fair bit more torque), Rich [/ QUOTE ] How do you manage to work that one out seeing as both produce 236lb/ft of torque ?
  15. Cupramax

    S3 Insurance Group

    According to the ABI up to 2001 i.e. the 210hp is a 17 but the 2002 onwards (225hp) is an 18.... Put the model details in here, this is the database insurance companies use.