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    Should I be fined?

    Okey dokey... I'm from the States and I have NO IDEA what you guys just said. Was that English? Just kidding!
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    Should I Buy Extended Warranty for my 2001 A4 2.8?

    I agree. AN extended warranty is usually a good deal and a good investment. Peace of mind is always a good feeling.
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    Clean Kitty :D

    [ QUOTE ] rOcKy_Scot said: .......after reading ImolaS4's little car-cleaning process I think I will pay someone to do the major bits. Doesn't help that I have 3 cars to clean!!! Eeeek [/ QUOTE ] It's really not as bad as it looks. If you notice, I do parts of the car in sections and...
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    RainX & Meguires Applicator Pad...

    I just use a paper towel to apply and then a clean terry cloth to buff.
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    What to use to remove wax?

    Not sure what you mean exactly by "smear". But.... First make sure you're not putting down any pressure - just the weight of the bar. And keep rotating the bar by re-molding it and folding the dirt into the inside of the bar. Only a small section requires me to remold. It's time consuming...
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    Clean Kitty :D

    Yeah... I have never seen an S3. There are none in the states. I never saw a pic in a mag either - except for the tiny ones in the news columns.
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    Clean Kitty :D

    [ QUOTE ] GoSPeeDxRaCeR said: audi girl....the car is almost as beautiful as you are! [/ QUOTE ] Uh oh... stalker.
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    Clean Kitty :D

    Sweet pics audi girl!! I've never seen an S3. Wow!
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    Clean Kitty :D

    So nice to see a woman calling something her little kitty!!