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    Driver's side interior air vent removal Audi A4 B7

    I've searched high and low for an answer to this, all to no avail. I really hope somebody can help me! I was letting my son pretend to drive by letting him sit on my knee and hold the wheel (stationary, engine off - of course!), next minute he decides to vomit everywhere, and it's inside the...
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    A4 (B7) S Line Door Blades (skirts) for sale?

    Hi all, I'm after some genuine Audi A4 (B7 chassis) S Line side Door Blades. (the parts highlighted in the picture) Does anybody have any to sell or could somebody point me in the right direction? Also, are the easy to fit? Could anybody offer any advice? Thanks in advance.
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    Fitting S-Line bumper to SE model

    Hi guys, just after a bit of advice. I've recently purchased my first (hopefully of many!) Audi's and i am delighted with it. I've got a 54 plate A4 1.9TDi SE (2005-2008) and want to fit an S-Line bumper to the front. I've bought the bumper and grille, but i understand you also need new fog...