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  1. Geoff Morritt

    Indicator bulb type.

    Hi. Could anyone tell me the type of bulb I need to replace the front indicator bulb on a 2009 Audi A4 S-Line with Xenon light units? Save me taking them out. Thanks, Geoff.
  2. Geoff Morritt

    Lowering springs

    Afternoon all. I’m looking at lowering the a4 s line 2.0 Tdi. Thinking 20 mm or thereabouts. Have 20mm front and 15mm rear spaces fitted. Can anyone advise on who makes reasonable springs please? Thanks, Geoff
  3. Geoff Morritt

    Maxton rear spoiler

    Morning all. Has anyone on here got some photos of the Maxton rear roof spoiler for the B8 Avant that they wouldn't mind putting up. I have seen the item on their website, but there are no decent photos with it on the car. Thanks, Geoff M
  4. Geoff Morritt

    Rear wiper fuse.

    Afternoon all...My rear wiper suddenly stopped mid wipe this morning. Now before I pull the tailgate apart to have a look at it, is it on its own fuse? Washer still works fine. 2009 A4 Avant. Thanks, Geoff M
  5. Geoff Morritt

    Battery charging

    Afternoon all. With the car doing limited small runs to the shops when needed, it isn’t getting a good run to charge the battery. I only have a normal battery charger and not a trickle charger. Can I charge the car whilst it is still fully connected or do I have to remove /disconnect the...
  6. Geoff Morritt

    Any one tried these? Or Or could they point me to an alternative option please. Thanks.
  7. Geoff Morritt

    Space saver?

    Evening all....The wife has just destroyed the front tyre on her 2019 A4 Avant Black Edition. She has looked in the boot and there is no space saver wheel/tyre. Is there one available for this car? Thanks, Geoff M
  8. Geoff Morritt

    Help Please Spigot rings

    Hi all...I have the standard 18" 5 spoke Ronal wheels and after having had them exchanged and fitted I noticed that there was a wheel vibration at 60-70 mph. Along with a few on here I put it down to the wheels either not being balanced correctly or a balance weight had dropped off. Any how...
  9. Geoff Morritt

    Help Please Boot release

    Is there any way of being able to open/unlock the boot on my 09 Avant S Line while the car is running. I find it a bit frustrating that I have to turn the car off when the wife wants to get out :-)
  10. Geoff Morritt

    Wheel wobble

    A bit of advice please...The car has had a wheel wobble/vibration at 65-75mph for some time. It didn`t bother me as I tend to use it just round town. I recently had a refurbed set of alloys fitted by a reputable company, who swapped my wheels for theirs. They mentioned that one of mine was...
  11. Geoff Morritt

    Help Please Trim fitment?

    Can anyone tell me if the rear window plastic trims that fit on both sides of the rear window on the B8.5 Avant will fit on the B8 Avant? Thanks....
  12. Geoff Morritt

    Your help please....

    Hi all....Has anyone hard wired a rear facing camera/recorder to the Avant model and how did you route the wire? Thanks, Geoff
  13. Geoff Morritt


    Well on the strength of driving my wife's company A4 Avant s line TDI, I bought one 12 mths ago. Never thought I would see the day of me driving an oil burning estate! Had a look at a few sites and this one does seem to cater for the more intelligent owners! the car by the way!