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  1. mikeA2B

    Useful Ebay Seller

    I Bought a genuine touch up kit for my A4 and noticed the seller is a main dealer with an ebay account, maybe useful for others, mudflaps look cheap...
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    I had same problem with PZero tyres, as soon as I changed to F1's the tramlining stopped!
  3. mikeA2B

    Goodyear F1 GSD3 experience

    Yes I agree the F1's are good, I went to Germany in Feb and it was really crap weather all the way there and back, in some places it was -15 and not one twitch, I would definately reccommend F1's. Mine are reaching the treadwear, where's the cheapest place??
  4. mikeA2B

    San Nav Plus Retro fit

    The speed signal wont affect navi's speech, only the screen when watching DVD's etc, also where have you put the GPS antenna? have you checked through your menu to see how many satillites the navi unit has picked up, it needs at least three to work.
  5. mikeA2B

    San Nav Plus Retro fit

    also have you got your navi voice volume turned off? theres a setting in the nav somewhere, or press the info button whilst in navigation and turn your leff volume knob up. It may be just calibrating its self, I fitted one in my friends Golf and it took a couple of hours to set up and start...
  6. mikeA2B

    San Nav Plus Retro fit

    Have you got the map disk in the head unit?
  7. mikeA2B

    drivers window/door 'creak'

    Yup, ditto here, I find it creaks when setting off a kerb, like a crack more than a creek. Not all the time but usually when theres a change in temperature.
  8. mikeA2B

    Goodyear F1 GSD3 experience

    Either Nero or Rosso........was 18 months ago..
  9. mikeA2B

    Opinions please? Before I spend the dosh

    Sinbad, get all the belts, water pump, an tensioners done and at least if anything happens you are well covered.
  10. mikeA2B

    Goodyear F1 GSD3 experience

    well, im nearing the treadwear with my f1's and my verdict is the F1's are better than the PZero's I had on previously Grip is superb even in wet, not too noisy (had nosier) and they have all worn fairly evenly and lasted over 30k The only downside is they dont really perform as well in cold...
  11. mikeA2B

    Opinions please? Before I spend the dosh

    As far as I am aware 1.9TDis should have their timing belts and tensioners etc changed every 60k I would take a look at this thread from another site where a member left his belt to the last mile: HTH
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  13. mikeA2B

    EKTA Help-anyone have access?

    Dan you got PM M8
  14. mikeA2B

    RS4 22mm Rear Anti Roll Bar Fitted!!

    I ordered mine via email, just put FAO Martyn on the Re: section, he replied within a day and I paid via paypal, it arrived within a week.
  15. mikeA2B

    Not to happy with Jabba

    Yup, I agree, I work for myself and I know that a half hearted attutude towards my customers loses me business, I guess Jabba are getting too big for their boots, which they need to be careful, it would only take a p1ssed off ex employee to walk away with thier knowledge and set up business...
  16. mikeA2B

    Gerrard's Goal..

    Awesome goal, although i'm from the wrong end of the M62 I still think Liverpool well deserved to win, and hats off to West Ham too!! what an excellent match
  17. mikeA2B

    How fast you had out of yeah TDi

    Pushed 130+ coming back from Stuttgart, just wish I had the RS4 ARB fitted then as 4 adults and a boot load of luggage didn't help handling
  18. mikeA2B

    URGENT! Blue smoke 2.5 v6 tdi

    hehe yea sounds about right
  19. mikeA2B

    2.5 Diesel Vs 1.8T

    Get a 2.5TDI V6 Excellent performance for the MPG, and sounds good for a Diesel too! If the mileage is high then don't worry too much altho a couple of valves get blocked due to soot, the 1.8T feels too delicate to me i'd prolly kill it within a couple of weeks
  20. mikeA2B

    2.5TDi V6 quattro Sport 180hp Turbochip

    90kmh? hehe