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    Brake light?

    Hi there guys, was just driving and a warning light appeared on the dash. Circular with an X marked in the centre. I'm assuming it's brake related because it came on whilst braking. Switched off engine and fired it back up again, no problems till I hit the brakes. Any ideas? Brake pads? Disc...
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    Won't start up!

    Hi, so I'm having a bit of trouble of getting my at to actually start up. Wa driving normally, and having switched off the engine, I was unable to re-ignite the engine. Letting the car rest for 20-30mins and gave it another try and it worked. I then kept the engine running, and the problem...
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    Dash problem

    Hi there guys, I was driving when I noticed "2:00" sign flashing on the dash. I've got a 1.8t 8L, just wondering if anyone knew what it meant? Thanks in advance
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    Gear Knob

    Hi there guys, does anyone know how to remove the gear knob of a A3 1.8T 8L? Thanks in advance :think:
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    A3 1.8T

    Hi guys, I've just purchased a V Reg (1999) A3 1.8T.. and just wanted to know it is essential to warm up the engine prior to driving the vehicle and same for before switching the engine off? How long should I leave it running before driving?