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    Coming back to Audi MY2013/2014

    Morning guys, Just placed an order for a 3.0tdi BE saloon in Daytona, small set of options which include Tech pack, 20" segment alloys, lighting pack and heated front seats. I note on my order form that it states Audi A6 saloon special editions (2013). Is there a spec change coming for MY2014...
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    Hire Van engine failure

    Guys, Some advice for a work friend please? Our company hired a van from a well know local supplier, to visit site. On the return journey (a total journey distance of 233 miles) the oil light came on. My friend (and it is my friend, not me) pulled over and checked the oil level. There was...
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    Letting the beast go....

    So today i px the S4 in against a carbon black 520d msport touring. I just thought i would put a few lines down regarding my car and wish everyone happy times with their cars moving forward. So my S4 was new in March 2010 i was the only owner. She was/is Sprint blue on the 19" RS4 alloys...
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    Another stupid service question

    Another stupid service question, so sorry in advance. My car is probably due an oil service, i say probably as back in March i took it in for an inspection only service, which managed to reset the oil service even though this wasnt done. So my question is, when i have the oil service done...
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    Watching DVD's on Ipad 3

    Just brought an ipad, the biggest pull was to get my little boy something to watch in the car, whilst on the plane and then to keep his Mom happy also. I thought getting a DVD on to it, would be simple, well if it is it's above me. Has anyone done this and can you tell me how? I have googled...
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    Help me value my car please?

    Hi, I am looking at chopping the S4 in for a 520d M-sport tourer but the PX values on my car shift considerably. I am looking at possibly trying to sell the car privatly, so how would you value this please? Audi S4 saloon (1st March 2010) 15500 miles Sprint Blue Black super sport seats B&O...
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    Inspection service confusion

    Stafford Audi have just confused me (not hard TBF). Around June/July 2011 Stafford serviced my S4 completing just an oil service (to the best of my knowledge). This service was gratis as the car was initially set up with fixed servicing over the requested variable. On the 1st of March my car...
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    What tyres are on your S4 and are you happy with performance?

    Just wondering what tyres are fitted to your S4's? I have Dunlop MAXX GT's on a 255/35/19 96Y A0, and TBH they are crap! What really sparks this post though is the fact that i picked up a nail in the off side rear which i decided to get repaired for a couple of reasons: Cost (this side of...
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    REVO switchable performance software, possible meet and group buy

    I have been speaking with REVO regarding the pending release of the switchable performance software for the B8 S4. It is very close to release, so close infact that it may be within the next week or two. I dont have any firm dates as of yet but i was wondering if anyone would be interested in...
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    Whats your favourite paid for option

    There are lots of new members of late, and i was just wondering what is people single favourite paid option? For me its ADS, its great, i only wish i had gone for the sports dif too. So come on whats yours?
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    Service interval mistake

    When i collected my car 1 year ago to the day yesterday, i requested as most do to have the car set to variable servicing. So a few weeks ago when the service indicator said service in XX days, i though ow well, and booked it in. On Saturday i took the car to Stafford Audi, and asked before...
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    Quattro and traction control

    The side road by work turns into an ice rink after rain falls and then freezes, and has been known to catch the unaware driver out. Its also known for being fun if you are aware of the situation ;) Anyway, i did the usual climb over the speed bumps and proceeded to accelerate away, the road...
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    S4 servicing

    So the S4 is coming up to 12 months old and the DIS has said service in 3300 miles or 24 days. When i brought the car i was quoted approx 120 for the first oil service, however when trying to book in today i am being quoted 209. The VAT increase isnt to blame, anyone else noticed the same?
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    Another water pump goes pop 2010 S4

    So i start the car this monring, and begin scrapping the screen. Whilst doing this i hear a noise like plastic expanding under heat, i think to myself "thats new" but put it down to it being very cold this morning. Anyway after a few mins of running my heater normally blows nice and warm, but...
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    What to replace my brothers S3 with?

    My brother has had his red S3 for 9+ years now, and whilst its in great condition he feels its time for a change. His budget is 20K, and he would like a car with less than 20K on the clock. I have suggested he looks at the following: Newer S3 BMW 130i M-Sport Elise Z3 350Z/370Z Have i...
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    Ignition key and the cold

    Anyone having problems with their ignition key and starting the car now the temperature has dropped over the last week or so? A couple of times now i have sat in the car with the lights flashing on and off trying to start the ****** thing! I guess this is wishful thinking and i probably need...
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    5th gear on Friday - S4 v Insignia VXR

    Did anyone catch 5th gear on Friday? They had Tiff in a S4 and a VXR Insignia.
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    S4 v Megane sport

    I had a megane sport tail gating me this morning from about 30 mph up. I dont like to say it, but whilst he would never have gotten around me, i wasnt pulling away as quick as i would have liked/thought. Dont get me started on the diesel 1 series either. Anyone else had simular against...
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    Any new 60 plate cars then?

    James i know you are there, LOL :)
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    Child car seat protector

    Can anyone recomend a child car seat protector to look after my leather seats whilst they are stuck under the iso-fix base and car seat? Not the most interesting post, but thanks for any help. Phil.