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  1. PaulC1988

    Phone case

    Picked this badboy up on ebay. Dont look like a fanboy at all lol
  2. PaulC1988


    Hi Im looking to buy a touch up primer/paint pen for my A3. Halfords do a laser red or brilliant red. Am I right in thinking its brilliant red? Not only that wheres the best place to get one as we all know halfords are robbing bast*rds Thanks in advance Paul
  3. PaulC1988

    5x112 Black 18" alloys with tyres

    Hi has anyone got any 5x112 black 18" alloys with tyres? My budget is about £300 Thanks Paul
  4. PaulC1988


    Ok so I'm a complete noob when it comes to wheels. Havent got a clue about fittings etc. Ive seen a set of 19" kahn wheels that are going cheap. They have a 4x108 fitting. So...... Question 1. Will they fit my a3 8p? Question 2. How much am i looking at tyres to fit the wheels. Cheap tyres...
  5. PaulC1988


    Any fellow serious vapers on audi-sport? Paul
  6. PaulC1988

    Window Tint 20% or 5% ?

    Hi all, Got my A3 2 door booked in for Saturday morning to have the rear tinted. Still can't make my mind up on 5% or 20%. I've looked at 1 zillion pictures and still in two minds. Thoughts? Paul
  7. PaulC1988

    Badge Change

    Hi all. Just picked up my red A3 today. Was thinking about changing the badge on the grill but can't decide between red or black. Thoughts? Paul
  8. PaulC1988

    Xtron single din touch screen

    Has anybody had any experience of these? Im under no illusions its a cheap chinese type unit but I have friends who have had units like this over the years and they have been pretty decent. Just dont fancy sticking a pile of sh*t in my new car...
  9. PaulC1988

    Hello from a newbie!

    Just wanted to say hello. Im Paul and I'm from Middlesbrough. Picking up my A3 TDI Sport tomorrow. Always wanted an audi so can't smile wide enough!