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  1. Ed_rx7

    Facelift Sports exhaust

    anyone know what one is worth? A mate has one for sale... like new, done 2500 miles
  2. Ed_rx7

    Facelift Merry Xmas to my RS3

    Since it’s the first Xmas with the RS... thought I would treat the car early 9029903190309032 9033
  3. Ed_rx7

    Facelift Managed to get on dyno briefly

    Managed to get on a dyno briefly today..... didn’t get a print out unfortunately and phone ran out of charge :blush: Car made 400.5 bhp at the fly on a DynoDynamics 4WD Audi are spot on with their figures and so was the Dyno. :respekt: Just thought I would share Car has done 1300 miles
  4. Ed_rx7

    Facelift Tuning box fitted

    Tuning box now fitted on my mates FL First impression.... it’s bonkers.... loads for low and mid range grunt...... not near enough road to test top end Will be getting dyno figures soon as possible hopefully some time next week Company I work for are distributor for these so will be able to...
  5. Ed_rx7

    Recommend tyre pressures for 20 inch wheels

    as above.... any recommendations?
  6. Ed_rx7

    Facelift Dynamic mode

    how do I get the ****** thing to stay on. I can’t stand the fact that when I switch the car off and turn it on , even though it starts in dynamic , when I drive off I goes all quiet even though it says dynamic on the screen and I have to cycle though the drive select before the exhaust note...
  7. Ed_rx7

    Facelift rs3 owners living in London... who do you insure with?

    as above.... im having a flippin nightmare trying to get insured at a sensible price atm 43, 11 yrs NCD, sp30 x 1 any ideas?
  8. Ed_rx7

    Detailer's - London & Surrounding Area

    Can anyone suggest a good detailed in London or surrounding area