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    My S3 sold to Aberdeen Audi

    I have just sold my 2010 S3 Black Edition to Aberdeen Audi. I got a good price and have lost very little on my car. I wonder how much they will add onto the car when it comes for sale? Horrible feeling leaving the garage without the car whilst he was reversing it into the forecourt beside the...
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    S3 ITG Intake, MV Sport Downpipe/Sports Cat, Standard Clutch and DMF.

    Hi, I have a number of things for sale off of my 2010 S3. ITG Maxogen Intake for K04 turbo VAG cars, done around 6000 miles. £250 delivered. MV Sport Downpipe/ Sports Cat. This is a 2.75 inch downpipe with a 100 cell sports cat which fits directly onto the standard cat back, done around...
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    *Price Drop* S3 Black Edition Ibis white (Stage 2+)

    CAR IS NOW £27,500 Audi : S3 Black Edition Stage 2+
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    My S3 Black Edition on Pistonheads.

    Audi : S3 Black Edition Stage 2+
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    S3 Steel wheels/Winter tyres.

    Hi, I went onto and they have a deal for steel wheels and winter tyres for the S3. The wheels are 205/55/16. Could this be right for fitting over the front brakes? Link below. - A Complete Set of Wheels: Steel wheels with winter tyres
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    New wheel on my Ibis S3.

    Got home to find a piece of metal in my week old Michelin Pilot Sport 3. Nightmare. Off to the local tyre centre tomorrow for a repair.
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    S3 Mud flaps

    Hi, does anyone have mud flaps fitted to their S3? I think it could spoil the look of the car but I have a white S3 and since the gritters have been out with the frosty conditions my car can't go 10 miles without being covered along the whole side and back with brown off the roads. Any...
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    Stage 2+ S3 low rev hesitation

    Hi, I'm looking for some information regarding a slight hesitation that has just started with my 2010 S3. Car has done 11.5K. Mods on the car: ITG Intake, Autotech Fuel Pump, MV Sport Downpipe/Sports Cat, REVO Stage 2+. Car has had the mods since 2K miles and has run perfect up till now, the...
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    Opinions TTRS

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    Sachs Clutch and SMF for S3

    Hi, looking into the above modification. Does anyone on the forum run this clutch and flywheel? Where is the best place to buy these items from. Thanks in advance, Gary
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    2010 S3 Black Edition with Eibach Pro's and standard 18" wheels.

    Went out tonight and took pictures with my phone, hope this helps Rich!!
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    REVO Stage 2 + settings (S3 8P)

    Hi, What settings do you stage 2 + guys run your cars at? Thanks, Gary.
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    2010 S3 ECU LOCK

    Hi, I have recently took delivery of my 2010 S3 and got told some bad news when I called to book my car in to get the REVO fitted. Not sure if anyone has anymore information on this but the guy at my local REVO dealer informed me that all S3's or Audi's in general that have been built in 2010...
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    Audi S3 Service Intervals.

    Hi, I have recently picked up my 2010 S3. When I picked my car up I asked if the car was on set intervals for the servicing which I beleived to be 1 year or 10,000 miles and the salesmen said it was. After getting the car home and having a look about the computer I have discovered that the...
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    Who's all waiting on a march delivery!!!!

    Hi, There seems to be alot of new A3/S3's awaiting delivery, looking forward for all the pictures of the shiny new cars. The long wait is nearly over, So who’s all taking delivery of a new car in March? Gary.
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    Pic Request - S3 with Eibach Pro Springs

    Anyone got pictures of an s3 with eibach pro springs with 18s (front springs only). Thanks, Gary.
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    Will these wheels fit?

    Put this topic in the TT section but had no response, u guys seem to be well clued up so if anyone knows any information it would be great. My mothers boss drives a 2004 Audi TT 3.2 DSG Quattro which has the standard 18" wheels at the moment. He has asked if I could find out if these wheels...
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    Will these wheels fit?

    Hi, First post in this section so Hi to all you TT guys. My mothers boss drives a 2004 Audi TT 3.2 DSG Quattro which has the standard 18" wheels at the moment. He has asked if I could find out if these wheels will fit his car. If they don't what offset is required for this car...
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    What cars did your A3/S3 replace, Post pics!

    Interesting to see what cars everyone has had in in their driving days. My two: Fiesta ST Golf GTI
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    Tracking checked after lowering?

    Do the majority of you guys get your tracking checked on your car after having suspension modifications?