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  1. mac1403

    Too much oil

    Just came back from a dealer major service. Noticed a oil leak on the garage floor. Checked the oil and found this...wonder how much damaged has been caused
  2. mac1403

    Coolant temp

    Any of you guys noticed your water temperature moving all over the place. Today was the first warm day I’ve had the car and got stuck in traffic. Temp went through the roof (108 degrees). No warning lights on at all. Since then I have been checking the gauge and noticed the temp moves all over...
  3. mac1403

    Insurance Renewal.

    Hi all. Haven't been around for a while, but hopefully get back in the swing of things again LOL. Anyway I was wondering if anyone had an answer to this question, because none of the insurance reps did. My renewal for the S3 has just come up, problem is a month ago I was hit off my bike (only a...
  4. mac1403


    Went and watched this last week. Came away feeling it was probably the best film I had seen this year. Excellent special effects, although a bit Matrixy in places. A totally confusing storyline, but all in all well worth a visit to the cinema.
  5. mac1403

    Kick ***

    Went and saw this last night. Pretty good film on the whole and the 11 year old assassin is awesome LOL......well worth a look
  6. mac1403

    Strange noise

    Has anyone on here experienced any strange noises from under the bonnet when the car isn't running? My 2008 S3 has started making a buzzing/beeping noise every 20-30 seconds. Seems to be coming from under the engine cover near the front of the engine.
  7. mac1403

    GSM Iphone Cradle

    Hi All Just a quick question regarding the iphone cradle for the GSM phone prep. What is the actual point of this and what will I gain with one. I have searched and the only thing I can see is that my phone will get charged when its in the car. A few posts mention the phonebook being...
  8. mac1403


    Have had this sat on the side since it was released and only got around to watching it last night. Although the films a bit on the long side I actually really enjoyed it. considering some of the reviews it has received i was quite surprised by how well the story is put together. Unlike a lot of...
  9. mac1403

    VW Audi track day at Castle Combe pic heavy

    Well guys, took a drive down to Castle Combe for the track day. Not a bad turn out and the weather was great. Some very nice cars floating around. Anyway here's some pics. How much would I love one of these
  10. mac1403

    Car detail at the weekend

    Some pics of the car after this weekends mini detail. Car clayed, polished with Menzerna and sealed with Werkstat acrylic. All in all happy with the results just a shame about the fe**ing bird crap today ......see other post
  11. mac1403

    Bird crap

    Just a small question for the guys in the know. What's the chance of bird crap being so acidic it will eat into the paint and cause a frosted etched effect in less than 6 hours. Reason I ask is I spent the weekend detailing my car but when i came out of work this afternoon there appeared to be a...
  12. mac1403

    A few pics from the new camera.

    Its been a few years since I have had an SLR camera but decided to take the plunge and buy a 40D. At the moment on a massive learning curve as its a long way from my ixus 800 LOL. All pics are as took with no editing and a bird thing
  13. mac1403

    A couple of mods on wet afternoon

    Firstly thanks to Dave for his help and MarcQuinlivan for putting ideas in my head with all his mods. I decided to do the Bose grills this afternoon. These are different to the ones Marc had as he (Cargravo) sends the whole grill already assembled now Removed the door cards and decided to...
  14. mac1403

    Help needed...please

    Does anyone know the wire colours of the door window switch illumination are. I am taking the door cards off this afternoon do do a little mod and before I remove them it would be nice to know what wires I need to splice into to get an illumination feed....thanks
  15. mac1403

    For those with bucket seats

    Was just wondering if everyone who spec'd buckets in their s3 are happy with them. considering the premium you pay I don't personally think they are great. Mine have only done 1500 mile and they already look creased. Before anyone asks I am not a lardy ******* and I get in as carefully as...
  16. mac1403

    Anyone else had this problem with their new S3

    This was noticed a while ago and I am just getting around to pinning Audi's *** down to get it sorted. Just wondered if anyone else has had anything similar. BTW my local Audi dealers won't do anything as they reckon its a body shop job. What a crock, unless I am mistaken it will come the...
  17. mac1403

    a little advice needed

    Don't know if you have seen my post, but eventually got nearly all the led's working and am very impressed with them. Only have one question. Did anyone who has completed this have any problems with the boot and puddle lights? I have tried an led in the boot on its own, with 150 Ohm resistor and...
  18. mac1403

    Another led Interior light nearlly done!

    Thought I would share a few poorly taken pictures with you all. Am very happy with the led mod (Sorry about bugging you all the time Toby) It hasn't been without its problems but managed to work through them eventually. Not sure how the guys who have already done this managed to find wedge...
  19. mac1403

    Must have been a Friday afternoon design decision

    Was in the middle of doing the Led Interior light mod. What the hell were Audi thinking when they fitted the puddle lights. For a make of vehicle with so much so say thought that goes into it, WHY would they make the wiring loom on the ****** puddle lights so short. Its not rocket science to add...
  20. mac1403

    Whats your thoughts on these

    Was looking on Ebay and came across this interior Led kit. Emailed the guy with the concerns about fitting resistors and he says they draw the same power as the standard bulbs and no modification is require. He has good feedback and the price is reasonable, but am not sure. Have a looksee...