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  1. outsideline

    Any one fitted the new Golf R wheels to an S3??

    Been thinking about a set of these for my S3 8p has any one done it yet??? cheers
  2. outsideline

    Sachs sintered clutch and dmf just fitted

    Well finally had to bite the bullet and get the clutch done on the s3. I finally went for the sachs sintered friction plate with the uprated pressure plate from sachs and new luk dmf. You can tell straight away the clutch pedal is obviously a lot stronger now but other than the initial little...
  3. outsideline

    19's just fitted. should it be lowered??

    Just fitted my rotor but cant decide if it needs a subtle drop. say 20-25mm?? Or leave standard ride height.
  4. outsideline

    Tyre advise......

    Well got some new wheels coming for the s3 just in need of some tyre advise. wheels are genuine 19" rotors 8.5j x 19 ET43. cant decide whether to go with either 225x35x19 or 235x35x19 The cars running standard suspension but thinking i might drop it 20mm in yhe future. Any thoughts. cheers
  5. outsideline

    New s3 owner.....

    Well its been a while since i was last on here, last audi being a b7 quattro tdi. Any ways treated my self to a white s3 over christmas, first couple of days i wasnt sure but wow never had a car grow on me so much as this has over the last month. Absolutley love it now, buying petrol was a bit...
  6. outsideline

    Any body fancy doing a deal ?? stock wheels for 19 inch.......

    I want to release some much needed cash at the minute so im thinking of putting my brand new wheels up for sale. only 10 days old so in mint condition!!! fitted with Avon ZZ5 performance tyres, cost over £750 just for tyres alone!! need stock 18 inch in part ex though.....
  7. outsideline

    Any body had the cam failure warrenty done???

    As the title says, wondering if any one on here knows about the extended warrenty audi has given to suspect vehicles with the cam follower wearing and doing damage to the cam. Apparently audi are replaceing damaged items under a 120,000 miles or 10 years warrenty program ??????
  8. outsideline

    Finally new wheels turned up from america!!!!

    I have had these on order for ages from the states, they are a total one off bronze centre direct from tsw. finally got them fitted tonight and really pleased with it.
  9. outsideline

    Thinking of putting my car back to standard!!!

    Really toying with the idea of tradeing the car in for a new audi a3 black edition, but knowing i will not get a penny more for it modified i might resort to putting everything back to stock ready for tradeing in. This is just a test for the next week just to get an idea if i could recoupe some...
  10. outsideline

    Are b6 quattro springs same as b7 quattro???

    as above really, just need to make sure if there are any differences???cheers
  11. outsideline

    Massive thanks to Rick @ Unicorn motorsport

    Any body thinking of having there car mapped in the coming future, give rick a call @ unicorn motorsport, very very noledgable guy and so easy to talk to...... we spent a few hours tonight tweeking the map rick wrote for me over the weekend, car goes like the clappers now!!!! we deleted the...
  12. outsideline

    Porsche Brembo caliper upgrade.........

    As above, whoes done it and whats involved??? just wondering if it worth the money for the 2.0t brakes or even s4 calipers???
  13. outsideline

    s4 brake question

    Are the b7 s4 brake calipers the same at the 2.0t petrol calipers?? runing 320mm discs on the front??
  14. outsideline

    My B7 all cleaned up.... pic heavy!!

    Just thought i would share some pic of my motor now its all cleaned up and nearly finished...... nearly.
  15. outsideline

    New Lambo wheels fitted, 19inch - 9j wide!!!

    Fitted my new wheels last night after my tyres finally arrived at work. went for a 235 x 35 x 19 Avon ZZ5 The wheels are 9j wide so really fill the archs nice...... sorry for the unclean car lol
  16. outsideline

    aftermarket locking wheel nut recomendations????

    just fitted my new wheels and my standard locking wheel nut key wont fit inside the wheel holes?? any one recommend any other types???
  17. outsideline

    How to guide to fitting AUDI S4 exhaust - genuine part!!! to 2.0tdi 170bhp.

    Hope this helps a few people, i have always wanted a quad exit exhaust on my audi but wanted to keep to genuine audi parts. Heres a few steps on how i have gone about it, hope it helps any one else wanted to do the same.... STEP ONE: Remove your existing exhaust, 2 x rubber mounts on the...
  18. outsideline

    s4 exhaust.... same mounting as 170 tdi?????

    as above just fit my new s4 rear valance, now want the quad exit tail pipes to fill the holes. will the standard s4 back exhaust system fit my car, it is also a quattro. already has an exhaust either side. cheers
  19. outsideline

    will rs4 boot lid fit normal b7 s line??????

    As title above, found a cheap cheap genuine rs4 rear boot lid with the smaller plate recess. just need to know it will fit before i buy it. audi part number : 8E5827023AH
  20. outsideline

    Been busy this week what you think......

    From the day i got the car i alaways had a few plans in store for it. got most of the little job done now ready for my coilovers and VMR wheels coming from the states... this was before: Had all chrome wraped in carbon fibre vinyal, fitted genuine audi rs4 from grill in black, lamin x head...