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    Adjust auto light sensitivity

    Hi does anyone know the settings (in Vagcom) to change the sensitivity of the auto lights ? Noticed mine where on this morning when I really dont think they where needed ! Also how long does it take for them to adjust - ie get it out of garage and it seems to tune them on and then take an age...
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    Boot release button disable on door

    I've some how managed to disable the boot release via the button on door of my MK2 TT, probably by my messing with vag com It still works on the remote key fine, as does the fuel release button next to the boot release on the door. Any idea where to undo this in vag com Thanks in advance Richard
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    Revo settings - anyone good ?

    I've just got my Revo select plus switch and I was wondering what would be the ideal settings - if anyone has done this to for an economy setting - ideal for cruising on the motorway at say 75 ish ? ie pretty much zero boost ? Richard
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    RNS-E more questions

    I've just had the loan of an A4 with sat nav in - are the factory fit sat navs the same in the A4 as in the A3 ? One of the major plus points for me was in the DIS the instructions are repeated, simple turn left / right, straight on commands etc. Very handy as the standard fit location seems...
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    Milltek downipe + air intake

    Ok so after a bit of research today it seems that the biggest restriction in the exhaust is the down pipe - makes sense. Milltek seem to sell a 3" large bore downpipe with sports cat as a seperate part but also list a 2.75" as part of the complete package. Can the 3" be made to fit with the...
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    Vag com questions

    Is there a way to print off a complete list of vag com for say a 8P iie like this (but a bit more up to date) And is there a way to show what options / settings are installed / set on a car via vagcom ? Richard
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    Poor driving - again !!

    OK another rant at poor / ignorant drivers again. Aprt from numerous people still driving around with their fog lights on - Why ? Muist be blind - or stupid ! And then those with their side lights and the fog lights - really dont get this - its not cool you just look stupid and cant see anything...
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    Comfort windows problem

    For some odd reason my comfort windows (ie open or closure via the remote) have stopped working. They go up & down ok with the switches - Does anyone know the vag com settings for them ? Cheers Richard
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    Illuminated door handles ?

    Has anyone retrofitted the illuminated interior door handles – or have any links to how its done ? Its just a single red LED isnt it / Cheers Richard
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    TT RS ?

    Just been sent this link Now if this is real then apart from the cost (ouch) do you think a RS3 is getting more likely Richard
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    ETKA From where ?

    Keep seen EKTA been mentioned and useful mebers giving out parts nos but where do I get a copy from ? (I know this has probaly been covered before but tried search and cant find the answer) This is not the same is it ...
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    My S3 detailed

    As I've never been 100 % happy with the paintwork on my S3 from new I finally decided to get it detailed by Iain @ finerdetails. I'd seen plently of examples of Iains work both on detailing world web site and in the flesh so to speak at the detailing world north...
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    Overtaking - Mirror signal Maneuver ?

    Does any one ever actually look when overtaking or do they I've seem to find just pull blind out (& dont indicate) and the try and overtake and then notice that someone else is actually parallel to their car as they start the overtake ? I've had this twice on me this week, both times I've had...
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    Door creaks - warm weather ?

    Is anyone else suffering from this - both doors seems to creak (when shut !) - Warm weather causing the plastics to expand a bit and rub ? Now the car is very dusty at the moment which probaly does not help. Any other ideas before I go mad and clean all the door rubbers with vasaline or ...
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    retrofit reverse sensors where?

    Where would be good to get my reverse sensors retro fitted ? Its the audi kit and they are all painted up. Spoke to Awesome GTI and they dont fit them ? So open to suggestion of where to go in the North West area. And no I dont really fancy fitting them my self ! Richard
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    Local councils - incompetent

    At the end of April 06 I moved house to my current one (part exed it against a new one). I rang the local council to tell them I have moved, but it seems that they have not properly recorded the information. The new owners moved in and told the local council that they moved in end June 06...
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    Phantom black paint code ?

    Whats the paint code for phantom black - or is it stamped some where on the car ? Body shop needs this to get the correct paint for my reverse sensors cheers Richard
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    Luggage nets console ?

    Does any one know the part no and approx cost of the luggage nets that fit onto the center console by the footwells ? Or where I can get them ? Thanks Richard
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    1.9 TDI engine failures ?

    Has anyone heard of any engine failures on the A3 1.9 TDI (105 bhp) diesel engine ? Our works pool car - a 07 plate 1.9 TDI has jut been taken to Bol*** Audi & they have diagnosed a siezed engine due to two supposed sheared bolts ! Engine had oil in at the time but was dripping oil in the car...
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    Part no (another !) Chrome trim grille

    Hi can anyone tell me the part no for the chrome outer grille trim for an S3 and approx cost ? I'm guessing that its the same part no across the A3 range. Local Audi dealer is as ever been as usual as much use as a chocolate fireguard - so any other suggestions as to where to get one from ...