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    Shiny after a good detailing and protection!

    How shiny does she look :D I'll have some better shots later. If you want a good detailer I'd definetly recommend Refined Details | Vehicle Detailing & Valeting | Buckinghamshire | Paintwork Correction | Car Valeting Aylesbury | Car Detailing Aylesbury | Car Valeting Milton Keynes | Car...
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    Driving along in my new Audi A3

    I am now the proud owner of a new A3 Sportback S-Line 1.4 COD S-Tronic and can I say, this car is leaps and bounds nicer than my previous A1 S-Line 1.6 TDI. Picking up was a little strange, my sales rep called me up on Thursday evening saying he was working late due to lots of paper work and...
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    Weird screen replacement thing?

    I was just playing around with the Audi Configurator tool on their website and managed to get this oddity: Look at the screen replacement! What is it? Can you actually get this on a model and why would you!? :ohmy: (This is an A3 Sportback S-Line UK website)
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    Phone AV Mirroring to MMI

    I found an interesting video, this guys mirrored his phone to the display: Might be handy to do when waiting about for people to watch youtube on the go :)
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    Bluetooth connection time on start up?

    Can anyone tell me roughly how long before your phone connects via bluetooth? I've got an early A1 with ***, soon to be replaced and it can take anywhere from 30seconds to 2mins to connect. Whereas on a friends Fiesta it takes about 5-15 seconds! I'm currently connecting with an iPhone5. Just...
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    Online A3 Brochure updated: Now valid from February 2014

    I just noticed they've updated the online brochure: Time to see whats new / changed etc!