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    The Cinnamon Challenge

    That was ****ing funny! Had never seen this before. Has been added to my list of man tests!
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    Porsche 964 Turbo 3.6 or Shelby Cobra AC 427?

    Porsche all day long, got a massive thing for 911's.... Luckily tonight is my lucky night, got my euromillions ticket signed and ready to claim the winnings, will post pics of new car soon :P pahaha, if only!
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    RBS boss Stephen Hester

    Correct, but RBS issue notice of AGM and rights to vote based on said 82% voting rights, most wouldn't have a clue. And that last part is the problem. Most people do not have the slightest understanding of what's going on, but only know what the papers have told them.
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    RBS boss Stephen Hester

    I couldn't agree more! And I wouldn't blame him if he jacked it in after all this! You have covered everything so I can't add anymore lol.
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    Hondas and the general muppet who says "Hayterz!"

    Defiantly go beaten Round the twistys! GTI6 is a pile of poo compared to the ITR! The fact the ITR is almost unarguably, and universally said to be the best FWD car ever made, I think your just a hater. VTEC is the nuts YO! :P
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    Backdraft Motorsport S3 Endurance Race Car build

    Sweet! Looking foward to seeng this progress. And do I spy a lambo in the back of the first pic?
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    Police Interceptors S3

    It was heading towards Doncaster, tough thats prob old Gen now lol
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    Police Interceptors S3

    Have just driven past an unmarked silver S3 on the A1 past Grantham
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    track day toy idea's ?

    I'll more than likely be shot... But a 16v nova! I've been in a few, both turbo and na, the turbos are fool king fast but don't deal with corners to well. A friend has a 2ltr 16v with an atb torque biasing diff (never been out in it) but he insists it sits on the back on boxster s's and evo's...
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    Brake Upgrade 2.0tdi 140

    If your on a budget, and depending how tight it is, 312mm discs are reasonable upgrade for the money, and only need the discs and carriers replacing, your caliper is retained. (i have them waiting to be fitted) carriers are £90ea from Audi, so I guess £100 for the pair from a scrappy ? Then...
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    Brake Upgrade 2.0tdi 140

    Spend a bit of time searching and you'll find all you want to know, it's been covered loads of times! S3 brakes fit, a cheap option is 312mm discs, which only need the carriers and discs replacing, you could go the whole hog and get 6pot pa's if you want. It all depends how much £££ your...
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    Got to be one of my favourite bands.
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    The Dark knight

    I've got to be honest, I didn't really like it, a very well produced film, but not my cup of tea... HOWEVER!!! As far as movie sound tracks go, this is up with the best, and gives a real workout to your home cinema and or hifi! Hats off to Hanz Zimmer !
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    Grrr - wallpaper border adhesive...

    Errrm, pass... I don't know how there properties differ as Acentone is oxidised IPA.... But I've always found IPA better at removing gunky stuff. Maybe I just scrub harder with the IPA though haha.
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    Grrr - wallpaper border adhesive...

    IPA which you can get from home base I think, or if you can find it, T74 or CN20. Nothing will resist the latter 2!
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    What would YOU do?

    That said, imagine if she was a black belt, and handed you your **** at the side of the road.... You'd of wished you wiped her spit of and said thank you :P Never any. Need for violence, despite my previous post. But that red mist is dangerous lol
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    What would YOU do?

    My immediate reaction, quite honestly would have been to put her teeth through the back of her head, no messing. But obviously that isn't acceptable in any way! But as has been said, the rational side of me would have just driven off. Not alot you can do without getting down to her level. If...
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    slammed beetle turbo - sump problems

    Can't remember what they are off, but there's a VAG motor that uses a shallower sump, so may be worth getting on ed38, someone there will def know.
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    Notinyourmumsforest always makes me smile!
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    How much? Votex spoiler

    Yeah I wasn't sure if I would get away with this or not as I'm not actually selling it yet lol. Sweet, cheers fella! Please don't ask about buying this as it is not yet for sale, but I will post when I put it in the classifieds! Any ideas on postage?