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    I’m concerned how long these are rumoured to last... some on here have said only 6k? Surely that’s wrong? I have some crossclimate+ which I highly recommend but the PS4S apparently have better grip, so for me it comes down to longevity between the two. I’ve gone from 7-3mm in around 14k over...
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    Had a little prang and thoughts change to tyres

    2014 PFL S3 on 18” Michelin Crossclimate Plus - excellent all season tyre - check out Unfortunately they don’t do 19s yet! For me the the back end will now step out before the dreaded understeer...
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    Steering locks

    I just about managed it but recently upgrade to the new Stoplock Pro Elite version with a deeper bend for newer steering wheels and it works great. Retails £60ish, highly recommended.
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    40k service in South West (Bristol/Bath)

    I've also heard good things re Swindon Audi, Two more to avoid - Stratford-Upon-Avon Audi, Coventry Audi. No aftercare/service care whatsoever (in my experience).
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    40k service in South West (Bristol/Bath)

    I use Streetwise Automotive in Bristol, independent VAG, have done for years, excellent on all fronts. Check them out at High-performance vehicle tuning, Revo™ ECU remaps, Full Motor Servicing, 4 Wheel Alignment, Brakes, Tyres, Exhausts, MOT Testing and...
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    Driving Auto in snow

    Michelin Crossclimate+ Highly recommended all-season tyre especially in the UK
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    Pedal box worth it?

    I might get one to try, if it solves the issue then might change insurer otherwise I'd have to pay the £30 restocking fee within the first 14 days.
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    Pedal box worth it?

    Hmm, was looking at this due to throttle lag on my 8v S3 but RAC insurance have flatly refused to add it - it's down as a modification from stock :(
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    Facelift S3 BE FL 66 plate - EPC warning light loss of power .. Not even 12 months old

    Just gone into extended warranty after the issues I had with it. Wrt the boost I got the usual "we can't find anything wrong", "characteristics of the car" and "likely related to your driving" excuse. Essentially when I put my foot down (sudden change) it seems to take a big gulp, pause...
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    Facelift S3 BE FL 66 plate - EPC warning light loss of power .. Not even 12 months old

    I had this in my s3, turned out to be an injector and a subsequent coil pack. We're/had you been driving hard? It's a common issue in the high rev range. Mine's mostly fixed but my boost has never been the same since... Hope you get it sorted, R
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    Stoplock pro

    I use a stop lock pro with a microfibre cloth between it and the 8v s3 steering wheel, works really well imo.
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    Facelift ESP/ESC Malfunction Help !

    When the injector went it was a violent judder then the yellow light went on and I'd lost most of the power. When the coil pack went, it was fine for careful driving at low revs but was exacerbated violently at 4-5k plus and much worse under acceleration.
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    Facelift ESP/ESC Malfunction Help !

    Imo that's the car going into limp mode. Under similar conditions I've had an injector go and a coil pack go at separate times within the last year. From my research on here it's a common issue with this engine at high revs. Since it it intermittent with yourself it's likely more the coil...
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    Facelift Best tyres for 18 inch S3 wheels

    Michelin crossclimate plus(+) all season tyres Great grip in all weathers and you don't need a winter set. Retailing fully fitted @ £127 at tyreshopper online - fulfilled by national tyres nationwide. The only problem is they don't do 19s at present. Oh, and take the optional accidental tyre...
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    Which tyres...

    Got mine through tyreshopper with 5% discount code ts5, fulfilled/fitted by national tyres @ £127 per tyre (including optional lifetime guarantee). Def would recommend the new +/plus vs the original for better rim protection. They're quieter than the contis that came with the car and way more...
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    Which tyres...

    If you have standard S3 18s then consider the new Michelin crossclimate plus (+) all season tyres - better rim protection than the original crossclimates at great grip in all weathers plus they last as long as summer tyres...
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    Sad news...

    Just saw this too and posted before I saw your thread. Horrible news. r
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    Audi S3 stolen in Manchester last night, owner killed during robbery!

    Just seen this on BBC News: Chorlton-cum-Hardy man killed during car theft 'A man has been killed by thieves who stole his car from outside his house.It happened in the early hours after Michael Samwell and his wife were woken by a noise...