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    Help! Grill and bumper damage

    After an unfortunate incident with a pheasant (they’re quite solid when you’re going quick) the sum total of my front end damage is: cracked grill, missing fog light grill, wheel arch liners popped off and rubbed right through, slight bumper damage. (Some pics attached, more coming)Finally looks...
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    New Owner - cosmetic mod ideas?

    Proud new owner of a 2008 sline a4, 2.0 tdi. Looking for ideas for cosmetic/interior mods to get started. I’ve seen a lot about VAGCOM, anyone able to give an idiots explanation? For insurance reasons anything too serious (lowering etc.) or performance mods aren’t an option. TIA
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    Insurance broker with drink driving conviction

    Before getting all the abuse, 18 months ago I made the biggest mistake of my life. As a result, I’ve had my license back 6 months after a drink driving conviction (IN10 on the record as well, that one was an honest mistake and no penalty as a result). Any recommendations for an insurance...
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    Advice for prospective owner??

    Hi Guys, new here Looking at getting a b8/8.5 a4. Any advice/recommendations? Common issues to look out for? Whats the SE suspension like? Is the s-line suspension worth it? How can you tell when viewing a car what suspension it’s got? Got my heart set on a 170bhp 2.0TDI S-like Quattro, but...