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  1. Ultra Violent

    Spigot ring question.

    One happy chappy. One down. Three to go.
  2. Ultra Violent

    Spigot ring question.

    Your a legend DS. Thats the problem I'm having. The new rings I have a one piece aluminium with retaining ring. It's just getting the ****** old ones out to fit them. Now all I need to find is a long bendy spiky type thingy. Lol.:salute:
  3. Ultra Violent

    Spigot ring question.

    Hey troops. Just a quick one(sort off). I'm trying to convert my rims from my A4 to my S3. I know the pcd and offset are fine. Going to buy new tyres for them as well, but the problem I have is the spigots. I've bought genuine aluminium spigots for BBS rims 82mm down to 57.1mm for the S3 hub...
  4. Ultra Violent

    Broken locking wheel nut

    Hey folks, as the title says, my wheel nut broke. I was in the process of painting my calipers, got the drivers side done no probs. Started on the other side and the funking wheel nut broke on the inside. I've had a look online and the replacement set it £35, but I only need the nut. I will...
  5. Ultra Violent

    Best couriers for sending rims and tyres.

    Yeah, will do dude. Thats why I put this thread up to see what's what. Best to get as many opinions as poss.
  6. Ultra Violent

    Best couriers for sending rims and tyres.

    Thanks for the prompt response Sandra. Never heard off them. Will check them out though. Have you used them before?? Just checked their website, looks ideal. They even have a quote for 4 x 19's with tyres. Awesome. :grin::grinning:
  7. Ultra Violent

    Best couriers for sending rims and tyres.

    Hey peeps. As the title says, I'm looking around for a cheap-ish courier for selling my rims. Not sure if anyone else has done this before, but I thought I'd ask. Thought I'd better search it out incase they sell. I reckon they weigh around 20kg each. Will stick them on the scales tomorrow...
  8. Ultra Violent

    Big Thanks to Mark @ Brotek.

    As the title says I just thought I'd say a quick thanks to Mark @ Brotek for my new rims. Bought a lot from Mark in the past and as always the customer service was top class. Super friendly guy, top service. Pictures say it better than words.
  9. Ultra Violent

    Private plate transfer

    Agree with the above, I don't know if your sorted yet but I found this from the DVLA. You can legally display your new plates if yu have the matching V5, just keep the old tax disc on both plates will be registered to your name. Hope that hepls...
  10. Ultra Violent

    Alloy Wheel Fitment

    Don't know if your still looking, but I found this quite helpfull.
  11. Ultra Violent

    Best interior light upgrade ever!!!!

    I agree with Scott, I'm sure they should be red. That could be quite confusing for cars coming from behind if you open the door. JMO.
  12. Ultra Violent

    Xzibit selling Skoda.!! Really??

    Just seen this advert on Sky, I thought it was a new series of Pimp My Ride to start with but no, he's hawking Skoda. Don't get me wrong I'm not Skoda bashing, they make sweet cars, but Xzibit ?? I take it the recording career is on a hiatus at the mo. Check it out........Å koda Yeti Pimp my...
  13. Ultra Violent

    Im In Love!!! I want this so badly!

    Maybe its just me, but I'm not a big fan off it. love the RS6's but that just looks a bit chavvy too me, all stealthy black outside but with cream interior with wood paneling??!!??:wtf: good specs but wouldn't fancy insuring it, still, each to their own.
  14. Ultra Violent

    Windscreen Claim

    Also if you have rain/light sensers in the car you'll have to let them know because they need a special screen. I had mine changed last week and they brought the wrong one, without sensers so had too re-book. Mines was £60 from AutoGlass. Best of luck.
  15. Ultra Violent

    Fast N' Loud TV Show

    Agreed. Lovin' it too. Richard Rawlins has a great job. Buy cars, drink beer!!
  16. Ultra Violent

    Guess it was my turn for sh*t to happen!

    It's a bad state off affairs though, if your car choice is dictated by a bunch of knob heads with the I.Q off dog poop. I know what your saying though, most off us, our cars are our pride and joy and to have someone deliberatley damage or steal it's beyond normal peoples standards, but we do...
  17. Ultra Violent

    Guess it was my turn for sh*t to happen!

    Dude, that sucks major portions of ***. Some people just have no respect!!
  18. Ultra Violent

    Helped a lady in distress.........

    Come to the Dark Side Luke......