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  1. c_tahoe

    Oil leak clean up

    Hi, So a seal went on a long drive on the weekend which led to a lot of oil dripping down and then splattering on the whole underside of the car as it was during a motorway drive. I have washed the car today as it went everywhere, but it needs another wash as it all didn't come off. What is...
  2. c_tahoe

    A4 S Sline 2015 Xenon Headlight

    Hi, This week my left side headlight went out on a night drive and triggered a warning but then came back. After stopping and re starting the engine, the error went but the light started flickering and then lost its colour temperature and went more tungsten / orange. It is currently working but...
  3. c_tahoe

    Overspray stuck on windows from repair

    Hi, I recently had an body repair on the side of my A3 and noticed when deep cleaning the car there is a film of something on one of the windows, you can feel it when you put your hand across it and see it when the sun hits....It's like a clear mist. I have tried using a bug sponge, vinegar and...
  4. c_tahoe

    Cambelt change and warranty

    Hi, So Audi sent me an email saying my cambelt on my 2015 1.4t A3 saloon last month, the new rules are every 5 years now officially. With saying that and Audi currently closed and only a few garages around open, which not all I would trust, the car is in warranty until 14th June and wondering...
  5. c_tahoe

    Who can I send an Audi complaint to?

    It's taken a while to get the letter down with the amount of details and finally its ready and I wanted to send it by post to someone, but not sure where to start. It was a Lookers franchise who let me down and sold me a used aprroved Audi and is related to that without going into too much...
  6. c_tahoe

    Curb damage (camber and tracking)

    Hi, I managed to run over a curb last week causing un repairable damage to both driver's side tyres, which have been repalced. Both alloys have small comestic damage which I have put on the back burner for now. But I had the car put on a wheel alignment system while the tyres were done and I...
  7. c_tahoe

    Best person to complain to Audi about a used car purchase?

    Hey, So after my third Approved used Audi purchased from an Audi dealer, there were multiple issues and the service was shocking. I have written a letter of complaint, which I wanted to send to the branch as well as someone higher up. Does anyone know who the best person or contact details to...
  8. c_tahoe

    Gear stick knock on releasing from park A5 2.0 Tdi CVT

    Hi, Yesterday when I pressed the brake to come out out park into drive on my 2012 CVT auto box A5, there now is a clunk which you can hear and feel through the gear stick. It only happens when you're stationary and you're coming from a P, N or R selection into D and back. Once you drive off...
  9. c_tahoe

    A5 knock / creek

    Hello, I have an 2012 A5 2.0 tdi with 59k on the clock. I do few local journeys around work then I just sit on the motorway with journeys 100-200 miles per trip for business. I’m hearing a knock / creek when driving the car at slow speed (local roads) from what appears to be the rear drivers...
  10. c_tahoe

    A5 Multimedia Screen

    Hi, I got in my car last night and noticed my main center screen in my 2012 tdi was barley readable and was so dull it was almost useless. It had been in an airport car park so I checked the brightness knob on the right of steering wheel in case they had adjusted it, it was on maximum, then I...
  11. c_tahoe

    Service question - gearbox oil change

    Hi, Recently had a long life service in pollen filter at a main dealer. My A5 2.0 TDI Auto is now approaching 3k and the service team told me at 38k, my Auto box oil change was due at around £175. Is that correct? If I went independent would it be worth it? Cheers
  12. c_tahoe

    Body work issue (main dealer)

    Hi, So I have noticed 3 body work issues on my 2012 A5 which has 36k on the clock and was bought less than a year ago from Salisbury Audi. One seems to be a colour defect on the left arch near the door, the other the paint seems to have a bit of a bubble underneath and now I have noticed a...
  13. c_tahoe

    Audi Spares

    Hi, I've lost a 17 inch spider type center cap over the weekend, either pinched or flew off. Are there any value for money replacements or good spares companies online where I can replace it without buying a set of 4 or paying over the odds for 1? Cheers
  14. c_tahoe

    Michelin Primacy or Cross Climates?

    Hi, Getting new tyres fitted Thursday. 2 on the front. I drive a 180 bhp TDI auto, 205/50/17. I've been on primacy's with great results on 2 different Audi's. Top miles and low road noise. I've heard the cross climates are a cracking all season tyre which also benfits winter conditions. Has...
  15. c_tahoe

    How long would you stay servicing at a main dealer?

    Hi, I bought my A5 2012 with 22k on the clock in July from Salisbury Audi. I am due a service soon and wondering what peoples thought's were on whether to stay with the main dealer while the warranty is running and the car is still of high value for re sale purposes? Or to go with a independent...
  16. c_tahoe

    Best tyres for A5 2.0 TDI 17" alloys

    Hi, I am currently running Michelin Primacy 3's which were on the car when bought from Audi, They were in decent condition when I bought the car and I have done 10k on them and they are due for replacement on the front. Wondering if i stick with them or are there a better brand which would be...
  17. c_tahoe

    A5 tyre and alloys questions / recommendations

    Hi, A bit of a double barrelled but linked question. Currently I have the standard 17 inch alloys on my TDI SE A5 coupe with Michelin tyres on when bought. It tramlines quite easily on bevelled motorways and in roadworks, is this normal? Tyre pressures have been checked and fine. So my...
  18. c_tahoe

    Media questions A5

    Hi, Recently upgraded from an 2004 A3 to a 2012 A5 Coupe and there's a few questions I'm trying to answer which are not in the handbooks. Can you change the direction on the computer scroll direction? As clockwise to go up just seems backwards? Secondly, what's my options for using an iPhone...
  19. c_tahoe

    Car vibration at high speed, noticeable through steering and peddles

    I have the symptoms of either an untracked or un balanced set of front wheels after a knock. During motorway speeds I feel a vibration through the steering and peddles. I have had the car tracking laser checked and it's spot on, tyre pressures are fine and equal and the front wheels and been...
  20. c_tahoe

    Wheel bearing hub changed, now it's squeaking?

    I recently had an ABS warning light on again after changing a rear ABS sensor, same fault code again came up so I took it to the same garage to get it looked at. They said the reluctor ring around the hub has cracked and some of the part was missing which flagged up the fault. Apparently the...