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  1. abmat

    Excessive Oil consumption?

    For the second time in 4k miles my cars oil level has gone from max to min. First time was after about 2k. Caught it when looking around the mmi. Took it to the dealer who said the level was fine and they just reset the level indicator. I suspect they topped it up Now 2k miles later and I have...
  2. abmat

    Too pedantic?

    Noticed this when washing the car. Rubber around the metal inner has obviously split during manufacture or fitting and has started to rust. Will only get worse. warranty claim?
  3. abmat

    Coolant loss…but where?

    Hi all. My 3.2 is losing coolant, but where I don’t know? there are no visible leaks, no dripping onto the floor, no excessive steam from the exhaust . Nothing. the car doesn’t get used much. In the last month only once for about a 50 mile round trip(2 weeks ago) and before that just when the...
  4. abmat

    Winter wheels.

    Currently have a blackline. want some winter wheels. would a wheel 8jx18 et39 225/55/18 be a suitable replacement? Wheels are oem ones.
  5. abmat

    Floor mats

    Does anyone else not have the studs in the carpet for retaining the rear mats? another cost cutting exercise?
  6. abmat

    Oil level

    oil level is saying low when checked in the mmi. Car has only done 2300 miles. Is this normal or should I be speaking to Audi?
  7. abmat

    2 months in and faults already

    Adaptive lights, main beam assist and driver aids faults. cancel that. It’s the old starting stoping then starting too quickly glitch. All normal now.
  8. abmat

    Stop/ start frequency

    How often do you experience your stop/ start activating? On my 40tdi it hardly ever seems to activate, and if it does it’s really random. On some journeys it will, others it won’t. If stopping at lights I’ve tried applying the handbrake, putting it in P, both but nothing. Drive most of the time...
  9. abmat

    User change

    Hi all, how long does it take for your car to switch users? mid I get in our car and switch from the wife’s profile to mine it takes about 2-4 mins to change profile. It’s this normal or what has been experienced by others. The only reason I can think why it would take so long is because the...
  10. abmat

    Will it scan

    I have a genuine vcds cable (hex-usb+can) that I use on my 8p and my now gone c6. I have an issue on my new A6 C8. Will it work or is it too old? Currently have software version 21.3.0. cheers
  11. abmat

    Sold A6 C6 Genuine rubber floor mats

    As title says, genuine rubber mats front and rear for sale. Approx 1 year old. From my avant but may for saloon not sure. Don’t think these are available any more pics will follow once I’ve cleaned them. collection/ local delivery in Lichfield area free, postage at buyers cost. £40.
  12. abmat

    Just ordered

    A 21 plate avant in Daytona grey 40tdi with 1200 miles on the clock. Only registered at the start of this month. Bought it to replace our C6 which we’ve had for 8 years. Got a stonking deal on it, paid 34.5k nearly 12k off list price and 2 free services and at a monthly I was comfortable with...
  13. abmat

    Will it fit?

    Part no. 8P0 853 037 onto a 2005 model, or are the grills a different size/shape? cheers
  14. abmat

    Car cover

    Can anyone recommend a car cover? As I have a work vehicle the car spends most of the dime on a south facing drive so I want to protect it from the sun and keep the ****** bird poo off the paint. Don’t want to spend a fortune, probably up to £100
  15. abmat

    To revo or not to revo?

    As per the title, considering getting a revo map for my 3.2 now I have a full stainless system with sports cats. I’m not after massive power gains or anything like that, just want it running to it optimum with what is fitted. or should I get it mapped at r-tech? many advice from previous...
  16. abmat

    Door sizes?

    Are the front doors on the 3 & 5 door the same size? I need to replace the lower trim on my front O/S door and the only one I can find is for a 3 door. I have a sportback. Will it fit?
  17. abmat

    MAF or not MAF?

    Hi all, Got an issue that’s bugging me. Left for work this morning on my weekly commute. 160 mile drive. Stopped for fuel at the start, car was driving fine. About 90 miles in, stop in traffic at a junction leaving the motorway. Go to pull away....nothing! Car has stalled! Got it started...
  18. abmat

    Wire locations- reverse and handbrake

    Hi, I need to tap into the reverse light +ve signal lead and handbrake signal lead. Where is the best place(s) to do this? I was hoping I could get to both under the centre console. The car is a DSG. Cheers Matt
  19. abmat

    Fault code 00934/5

    hi, I have the following codes showing when doing a vcds scan 00943, 00935 00934 Contents [hide] 1 00934 - Electric Window Motor; Rear Left (V26) 1.1 00934 - Electric Window Motor; Rear Left (V26): No or Incorrect Basic Setting / Adaptation 1.1.1 Possible Symptoms 1.1.2 Possible Causes...
  20. abmat

    N80 valve 3.2 Quattro

    Can anyone point me in the direction of where the N80 valve is located on a 3.2 engine, code BDB. Cheers Matt