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  1. SteveS

    Rs6 paddle shift fit

    Can i fit rs6 paddle shift to my 2000 s6 avant with steering wheel buttons?
  2. SteveS

    cd changers and rns d

    got a problem with a panasonic changer ive fitted to my 2000 s6 with rns d, ive had 2 audi changers pack up so got this panasonic one from a mk4 golf. it all works perfect until i take keys out, lock car ect then when i get back in it says NO CD on all 6 discs until i open boot, eject the...
  3. SteveS

    Remember me?

    It's been a few years but back now with a 2000 Audi s6 avant. Sold my b6 s4 for a yank truck, then a 911 cab but just had first baby so s6 avant is the perfect 911 estate car!!!
  4. SteveS

    dvd player on rns E

    could do with some help in simple english on how i can connect a dvd player with yellow/red/white phonos into my rnse (2004 s4) it does'nt have the tv tuner. ive searched the nav websites and this forum but i just havent a clue what to buy. seems to be a lot of various adaptors & leads but it...
  5. SteveS

    alarm-tailgate problem!

    my alarm has started going off everytime i lock the car. when i lock it everything is fine then when it goes off the boot light is on and wont go out at all even after opening and shutting the boot. it eventually randomly goes out then the whole thing starts to happen again. im thinking...
  6. SteveS

    elec folding mirrors

    does anyone know if the folding mirrors can be made to fold in/out with the locking/unlock function on the keyfob?
  7. SteveS

    winter's on its way

    just found this nice wintery vid!
  8. SteveS

    little money saver

    after driving the s4 continually for 6hrs today the engine managment light apeared on the dash, no symtoms at all just the light. re started engine - still no good - drove all the way home - light still on, anyway was going to book it in to beechwood audi tommorow when i decided to disconnect...
  9. SteveS

    thanks to bristol audi

    whilst blasting down the M5 on saturday i was horrified to see an oil can flashing on the DIS luckily its a low oil level symbol if its yellow - thank god! anyway, pressed the nav button and it took its self to bristol audi at 4.30pm on a saturday, no service dept, no parts dept, just sales so i...
  10. SteveS


    just found out that my s4 has had more than just a cat back milltek fitted, a previous keeper has had an AMD stage3 with highflow cats, cat back milltek and a remap. have AMD gone now? is it possible to trace the work and dyno graphs? what sort of power would that lot produce? i imagine it had a...
  11. SteveS

    good day/bad day!

    got my reg certificate today for my cheapy £399 private plate so went to local dvla and got it transfered. then look what i did in the carpark outside after on a broken kerb:sorry: first time ive ever kerbed a wheel! do i get a refurb on it or should i use this as my excuse to have...
  12. SteveS

    milltek erection!

    anyone noticed this? yesterday after returning from a fast drive i got out, walked past the back of the car and noticed that my tail pipes were sticking out about 2" past the bumper. i assumed some thing had come loose so unlocked the garage, got an old bit of carpet and went to investigate only...
  13. SteveS

    a thankyou to all on the b5 forum

    just thought id say thanks to everyone in the b5 section for all the help ive had whilst owning the 2.8 quattro. i learnt a lot about the car from you lot.:icon_thumright: just picked up my b6 s4 today so i'l have to move over to the b6 forum now. i'l be off then :sorry: thanks again, steve.
  14. SteveS

    Got my new car today!!!

    picked it up at 12 today and i absolutly love it to bits and have spent the afternoon driving all over the place, i just cant leave it alone! here's some quick pics-
  15. SteveS

    no cambelt!

    if my v8 s4 doesnt have a cambelt can i jump up and down with joy at the thought that i wont ever have to shell out a fortune on belts, waterpumps and idlers anymore? or is there some other expensive service instead? dont know much about this engine so any info would be great!:think:
  16. SteveS

    new car at last!

    well its only took me 3 months to make my mind up but ive put a deposit down on a moro blue 2004 S4 avant today! should be collecting it next wednesday. its got loads of options and a milltek cat back exhaust so the V8 sounds awesome! :hubbahubba:
  17. SteveS

    fitting sat nav

    ive been looking everywhere for a b6 s4 and im struggling to find one with the spec i want. can i retro fit the audi sat nav? is it difficult? and a rough cost would be a great help too. every time i see one i like it seems to only have synphony or concert fitted. found a few with satnav but...
  18. SteveS

    S4 fuel consumption

    can anyone tell me what mpg to expect to get fron a B6 S4 4.2 V8 please? im torn between having a B5 rs4 or a B6 s4. i know roughly what to expect from the v6 rs4 but the b6 v8 is newer, prob more reliable, costs about the same to buy and im a huge fan of V8 engines.
  19. SteveS

    price for cambelt change?

    hi, ive just took a deposit on my car but the guy does a lot of miles and is concerned that the cambelt change at 80k will need doing very soon (car has done 70k) to me its 12mths away but with his miles it could be in 2mths. he has said he's going to get a quote to get it done but if its too...
  20. SteveS

    my new toy!

    well i have ordered a new bike today, yamaha WR250F. back to my old hobby now! aches, pains, & broken bones! cant wait til next saturday!:lmfao: