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  1. andicole0

    Audi Air con service

    Should I have this done on a 2 year old car? Seems rather excessive to me. Cheers. Andi.
  2. andicole0

    A3 1.8T 2013 brake pads

    I'm seeing offers of Teves or ATE front brake types, how do I tell what I have? Cheers. Andi.
  3. andicole0

    Auto light switch

    My car doesn't have auto lights, but will the wiring and sensor be in place so that I can just replace the switch? Andi.
  4. andicole0

    RIP A6 long live the A3

    Just swapped out the 2010 A6 for a 2013 (8V) A3 Sportback S-Line 1.8T. First thing I need to do is get reversing sensors! ;-) Next is some Winter tyres, I have some 16" A3 wheels but V rated Winter tyres, that will have the same circumference as the summer 18" wheels seem very rare. I was...
  5. andicole0

    Driver Information Display

    It's just gone blank! No response to Mode switch and I can't reset the odometer. Lights for parking, indicators ignition all seem OK and odometer is still counting. Any thoughts - is there a fuse or reset switch for this? Cheers. Andi.
  6. andicole0

    Scratched wheels

    My sons new house is on a road with sharp curbs and I've managed to scrape three so far, not much but I'm really annoyed! I don't want to get them all refurbed so is there a suitably coloured light filler I can cover the scratches with. I have the 19" wheels as fitted to the S-line Le-Mans...
  7. andicole0

    Cool car mate!

    You know that warm fuzzy feeling you get when someone comments on your car? I must say the most I ever had was in my Cobra replica but never once did anyone mention the Z (possibly because the roof was always up). So having bought the big red bus I was disheartened this morning for an 8 year old...
  8. andicole0

    Slippery seats

    So it seems the previous owner may have polished the seats. Does anyone have any tips for cleaning said seats so they are not so slippery? Andi.
  9. andicole0

    A6 Steering

    More questions :confused:, I find the power steering very light is there anyway to adjust this? Andi.
  10. andicole0

    A6 S-Line Le Mans

    Just been to see a VAG parts supplier to get details of the car for the sat nav update. It appears I have a Le Mans spec vehicle. But what does that really mean?. Andi.
  11. andicole0

    Sat Nav update

    New to the forum and Audi ownership. I'm looking for advice on updating the Satnav in my 2010 A6 Avant. A picture of the version details is attached below, could someone please help me decode it and let me know how I get hold of an updated version if there is one. Many Thanks. Andi.
  12. andicole0

    New here.

    Hi everyone. Recently sold a Z4MC just so I could join the Audi-Sport forum :arco: Actually the sale was due to family leaving home and continually asking me to take stuff to various places - somewhat difficult in a Z4 Coupe. So after rejecting an RS4 Avant (I have no idea why I did that - ask...